Learn More about PRI PAC at the 2022 PRI Trade Show

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

RPM ActAs a part of the Save Our Race Cars initiative, PRI Members, Total Seal, Melling and NHRA have volunteered to host React4Racing at the 2022 PRI Trade Show. React4Racing gives PRI Show attendees the opportunity to test their reaction times against some of the best race-car drivers in the industry. At this year’s PRI Trade Show, Total Seal and Melling will both have two Pro Stock race cars next to each other at their booths. Set up in each booth will be Christmas tree replicas allowing PRI Trade Show attendees to learn more about PRI PAC while testing their reaction times against professional NHRA drivers.

“This group of PRI members are going above and beyond for the racing industry, and the fact that they are willing to dedicate their own time and booth space to make this happen, demonstrates just how important the Save Our Race Cars initiative is to the industry,” said PRI President Jamie Meyer. “I will definitely be stopping by to test my own reaction time!”

“When I heard about Save Our Race Cars, I knew we had to get involved and find a way to help,” said Total Seal’s Lake Speed. “Fortunately, the guys at Melling are straight across the aisle from us at PRI, so that’s how we developed the idea for React4Racing. We can’t wait to see it launch at this year’s PRI Trade Show.”  

“The idea for React4Racing started at last year’s PRI Trade Show,” said Melling’s Mike Osterhaus. “We believe it will be a great way to increase awareness for the Save Our Race Cars initiative. Even though we are competitors on the track, we are friends off it who are working together committed to protecting the racing community. We look forward to seeing everyone at the PRI Trade Show.”

PRI PAC helps elect lawmakers who support the racing industry’s positions and priorities. All eligible PRI Individual Members will have the opportunity to participate in React4Racing, which is taking place at the Total Seal and Melling booths from December 8–10 during the 2022 PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis.  

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