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SEMA Announces Finalists for Automotive Influencer of the Year Award

SEMA announces the finalists for its first-ever SEMA Automotive Influencer of the Year award. The new program recognizes content creators and social-media influencers who have significantly supported and helped build enthusiasm for the automotive industry and car culture. The new award will be presented to one of the top-five finalists at the 2022 SEMA Show Industry Awards Banquet to honor an influencer who has built an engaged audience and used his or her platform to positively impact car enthusiasts of all ages.

The five finalists for the 2022 SEMA Automotive Influencer of the Year award are Larry Chen, ChrisFix, TJ Hunt, Adam LZ and Alex Taylor.

The award is a result of the rise of content creators’ and social-media influencers’ impact on the industry. Finalists for the award were selected based on their presence and influence across social-media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more. The SEMA Industry Awards Banquet will host the finalists and recognize their impact on growing the $50.9 billion automotive specialty-equipment industry.

“These influencers and creators have built up a tremendous voice to help promote, shape and protect the automotive industry,” said SEMA Chairman of the Board James Lawrence. “Each of them has the ability to share their stories and connect with their fans in a personal and impactful way. They also generate tons of excitement and enthusiasm for the automotive industry. They are a big part of being an automotive enthusiast today, and it’s time we recognize them for their contributions.”

Fueled by the SEMA Show’s energy and passion, influencers will head to Las Vegas during the first week of November to connect with manufacturers and builders, learn about new products, witness vehicle unveilings and attend industry gatherings while sharing their experiences for the world to see.

“Automotive influencers embody the passion that makes being a car person so special,” continued Lawrence. “The content they create is a great representation of what car culture is all about.”

The SEMA Automotive Influencer of the Year award winner will be announced at the newly revamped SEMA Industry Awards Banquet on Thursday, November 3. The banquet, which is the annual celebration of the specialty-equipment industry, will also provide the backdrop for the presentation of other industry awards, including SEMA Person of the Year and SEMA Gen-III Innovator of the Year.