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Kim Pendergast Named SEMA PAC Chair; Norris Marshall Named PRI PAC Chair


By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

Kim Pendergast

At the recommendation of the PAC Executive Director Wade Kawasaki, the SEMA Board of Directors have appointed two new PAC Chairs for SEMA’s and PRI’s political action committees (PAC). Kim Pendergast of Magnuson Superchargers will serve as the PAC chair for the SEMA PAC, and Norris Marshall of BluePrint Engines will serve as the PAC chair for the PRI PAC. In their volunteer roles as PAC chairs, Pendergast and Marshall will oversee each of their own PAC Board of Directors and fundraising efforts.

Norris Marshall
Norris Marshall

“Our PACs continue to be our industry’s best defense against harmful regulations and laws” said SEMA CEO Mike Spagnola. “Kim understands the political fight that’s ahead and how important of a role the SEMA PAC will play in securing a viable future for the automotive aftermarket.”

In addition to serving as PAC chairs, Pendergast and Marshall both currently serve on the SEMA Board of Directors. Pendergast is the owner and CEO of Magnuson Products, which has been a member of SEMA for more than 40 years. Marshall founded BluePrint Engines around 1982, and previously worked with the SEMA Garage on CARB EOs.

“Norris understands intricacies of politics, and he knows how to get things done in Washington,” said PRI President Dr. Jamie Meyer. “The PRI PAC has the ability to get legislation like the RPM Act across the finish line, and Norris will help us get there.”

“My goal is to take the SEMA PAC and the PRI PAC to the next level, and with Kim and Norris as our PAC Chairs, we will be a powerhouse for the industry in D.C.,” said PAC Executive Director Wade Kawasaki. “I am excited to work alongside them as we grow awareness and support for both PACs.”

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