2022 SEMA Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness Award Winners Announced

By Ashley Reyes

Boni Yraguen
Boni Yraguen

The SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund issued a total of $297,250 in scholarships and loan forgiveness awards to help 119 individuals who currently work for, or are planning to pursue careers in, the automotive aftermarket industry. The winners include 103 students who received scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, and 16 employees of SEMA-member companies who received loan forgiveness awards to help pay off student loans.

“The SEMA Scholarship Program receives some incredibly impressive applications from students every year,” said SEMA Manager of Recognition Programs Chris Standifer. “This year’s applications were especially noteworthy. The accomplishments, dedication and passion that came through the applications was remarkable. We’re pleased and honor to be able to support so many individuals through the program.”

Langdon Michael
Michael Langdon

The SEMA Memorial Scholarship Program was established in 1984 to help support the future of the automotive aftermarket industry. Since its inception, more than $3 million has been awarded to deserving students. One of the primary criteria for scholarship recipients is that the winner must have clearly demonstrated a passion for the automotive industry.

“There are many career tracks and opportunities in the automotive industry,” said Standifer. “We’re here to support students from all majors. Winners go on to pursue a variety of careers; the common denominator is their love for automobiles.”
The online application for next year’s program will open in January of 2023, at

Janssen Kyle
Kyle Janssen

SEMA Scholarship Award Winners
Recipient (Employer, Institution Name, Major)

  • Aaron Bodenham (Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Adam Valentine (Ohio State University-Main Campus, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Allyssa Bryant (The University of Alabama, Engineering)
  • Anthony Carrao (College of Southern Nevada, Autobody Collision)
  • Benjamin Tai (Clark College, Automotive)
  • Boni Yraguen (Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Brad Nelson (Brigham Young University-Provo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Brandan Marhefka (Pennsylvania College of Technology, Welding)
  • Brayden Grimm (University of Northwestern Ohio, Automotive Technology)
  • Brendan Stejskal (Pittsburg State University, Automotive Technology)
  • Brian Gonzalez (The University of Texas at El Paso, Electrical Engineering)
  • Brock Dunkelberger (Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Caleb Rogers (Washtenaw Community College, Engineering)
  • Cameron Cocalis (University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus, Business)
  • Carter Cygan (Kansas State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Chandler Pagnotta (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Chloe Holman (University of Northwestern Ohio, Motorsports Marketing)
  • Christopher Mark (Rio Hondo College, Automotive Technology)
  • Christopher Schell (Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Colby Price (University of Northwestern Ohio, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technician)
  • Daniel Szurek (The University of Alabama, Computer & Information Sciences)  
  • Darril Baty (McPherson College, Automotive Technology)
  • David Dixon (Wesleyan University, Economics)
  • David Ramos (Arizona State University Campus Immersion, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Davis Dorries (Dallas College, Automotive Technology)
  • Elizabeth Rohrer (University of Notre Dame, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Emily Mitchell (Idaho State University, Autobody Collision)
  • Emma Ricketts (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Erika Burton (WyoTech, Automotive Aftermarket)
  • Ethan Francis (Harding University, Engineering)
  • Ethan Hubbard (Utah Valley University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Grayson Kief (University of Wisconsin-Stout, Industrial Design)
  • Hunter Ormond (McPherson College, Automation Technology)
  • Jack Reusch (University of Northwestern Ohio, Marketing)
  • Jacob Beshara (Bethel University, Marketing)
  • Jacob Lesa (Brigham Young University-Provo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jacob Matties (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jaden King (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Industrial Engineering & Design)
  • Jaedyn Imhoff (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jamie Sullivan (University of Northwestern Ohio, Automotive Aftermarket)
  • Jennifer Stamboulian (Villanova University, Business)
  • John Clark (University of Northwestern Ohio, Automotive Technology Supervision)
  • John Motter (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Jonathon Damzyn (Michigan State University, Electrical Engineering)
  • Josiah Hildebrandt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Julian Mathews (Texas Christian University, Business)
  • Kaden Elisaldez (University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Marketing)
  • Kaitlyn Zubia (The University of Texas at El Paso, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Keeley Whitmer (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Kenton Kyger (Kettering University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kinzie Wilson (Belmont Abbey College, Motorsport Management)
  • Kyle Groe (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Kyle Janssen (Ferris State University, Automotive Engineering & Technology)
  • Kylie Tulley (California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Lars Luther (Cuesta College, Automotive Engineering & Technology)
  • Liam Dunsmore (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Liam Goldthwait (University of Northwestern Ohio, Automotive Technology)
  • Liam Richardson (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Luke Vilagi (The University of Alabama, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Madyan Khidir (M State, Moorhead Campus, Automotive)
  • Manuel Aldana (San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Marcus Walker (Florida Atlantic University, Marketing)
  • Matthew Bleier (NASCAR Technical Institute, Automation Technology)
  • Matthew McDonnell (Lincoln Technical Institute-Mahwah, Automation Technology)
  • Matthew Traum (Missouri University of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Matthew Trees (Texas A & M University-College Station, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Maximilian Redfearn (University of St Thomas, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mehrod Khalili (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Michael Langdon (Michigan Technological University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Michael Shinedling (Brigham Young University-Provo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Michael Ustes (University of Michigan-Dearborn, Materials, Engineering)
  • Molly Poer (Cypress College, Automotive Technology)
  • Nathan Ragsdale (Montana State University, Mechanical Engineering Technology)
  • Nathanael Pierce (Hibbing Community College, Automotive Technician)
  • Nathaniel Martens (University of Washington-Seattle Campus, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Niko Rosell (Cochise County Community College District, Automotive Technician)
  • Noah Dunsmore (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Owen Yim (University of Southern California, Automotive Engineering & Technology)
  • Payton Lee (Kansas State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Philip Moore (School of Automotive Machinists & Technology, Engine & Machine Assembler)
  • Preston Duller (University of Detroit Mercy, Cyber Security)
  • Rachel Garrett (University of Northwestern Ohio, Robotics and Automation Technology)
  • Robert Sandusky (Washtenaw Community College, Autobody Collision)
  • Robert Schonberner (McPherson College, Automotive Engineering & Technology)
  • Ryan Duffy (Ohio State University-Main Campus, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ryder Lestrud (North Iowa Area Community College, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technician)
  • Samuel Kohls (The University of Alabama, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Santino Loretta (West Virginia University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Sebastian Milka (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • Sebastian Pereira (Harvard University, Computer Mathematics)
  • Shay Saarie (Dakota Wesleyan University, Business Management)
  • Shelly Pineda Franco (Triton College, Automotive Technology)
  • Sloane Miller (North Carolina A&T State University, Computer & Information Sciences)
  • Songa Rugangazi (Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, Business Administration/General Office Worker)
  • Sophie Owen (Clemson University, Packaging Science)
  • Tess Roberts (Concordia University-Saint Paul, Computer & Information Sciences)
  • Tyler Udy (Utah Valley University, Automotive Engineering & Technology)
  • Vance Weber (Kansas State University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Victoria Bruno (McPherson College, Automotive Technology)
  • Wyatt Smith (Brigham Young University-Idaho, Automotive)
  • Xavier Ruano (University of Northwestern Ohio, Automotive Aftermarket)
  • Zachary Dosey (Wayne State University, Electrical Engineering Technician)
  • Zachary Mosier (Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, Mechanical Engineering)

SEMA Loan Forgiveness Award Winners
Recipient (Employer, Institution Name, Major)

  • Brian Fair (MAHLE Motorsports, Tennessee Technological University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Cameron Bigelow (Roush, University of Northwestern Ohio, Automotive Technician)
  • Collin Mikottis (Atturo Tire Corp., Northwood University, Automotive Aftermarket)
  • Dante Brown (Trade Union International, University of La Verne, Information Technology)
  • Elizabeth Niemi (MagnaFlow, Northwood University, Automotive Aftermarket)
  • Emily Glass (K&N Engineering Inc., Riverside City College, Humanities)
  • Gahre Scudder (Keystone Automotive Operations Inc., Western Governors University, Business Administration/General Office Worker)
  • Hubert Celinski (4 Wheel Parts, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Automotive Technology)
  • James Stray (Hennessey Performance Engineering, School of Automotive Machinists & Technology, Automotive Technology)
  • Janelle McDermott (Decal Applicators, Northwest University, Communications)
  • Kirstin Backes (Derive Systems, University of Redlands, Business Administration/General Office Worker)
  • Mark Mollica (Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America, University of San Diego, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Shauni Greene (Kontio's Automotive Service and Sales, Eastern Maine Community College, Automotive Technology)
  • Sophia Dancel (Ford Motor Co., Kettering University, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Timothy King (Baer Inc., California State University-San Bernardino, Marketing)
  • Troy Lemuel Magpantay (General Motors, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Mechanical Engineering)