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49% of All Late-Model Pickups Modified with Specialty-Equipment Parts

By Ashley Reyes

Market ResearchNew SEMA research finds that 49% of all late-model pickups are modified with specialty-equipment parts.  

The finding comes from the new “2022 SEMA Pickup Accessorization Report,” which will be available for download starting August 24 at The new report provides a comprehensive review of how the pickup accessorization landscape is evolving, including sales forecasts, and types of parts pickup accessorizers buy and how they buy them.

“The pickup truck market is the largest segment of the specialty-automotive aftermarket and a key opportunity for businesses,” said SEMA Director of Market Research Gavin Knapp. “SEMA’s newest market report helps members understand where the opportunities are and how to best connect with pickup accessorizers.”

Additional findings from the report include:

  • Pickup owners spent $16 billion on specialty-equipment parts in 2021.
  • There are more than 29 million late-model (’10 and newer) pickups on the road, and about half of them are modified.
  • 62% of late-model pickup accessorizers buy off-road-focused parts for their truck.
  • 84% of late-model pickup accessorizers plan to make additional modifications in the near future.
  • 45% of specialty-equipment businesses see electric pickups as an opportunity.

As pickups remain the single biggest segment in the specialty-equipment parts market, SEMA’s report will help businesses learn more about pickup owners from the industry, what they do after their parts are installed and provide an analysis of the emerging markets for compact and electric pickups. Download the “2022 SEMA Pickup Accessorization Report” for free starting August 24 at

The report is also the subject of the SEMA Webinar “Understanding the Pickup Accessorization Market” on August 24. Register now!