Exhibitors: Press Release Tips to Increase Media Coverage

By Della Domingo

Press releases can be an easy and effective way for exhibitors to generate buzz about their 2022 SEMA Show news. In addition to sending it out to targeted journalists, exhibitors are encouraged to post their Show-related news and announcements to the SEMA Show Online Media Center—a destination where media go to obtain exhibitor-related news and information regarding the latest products, hottest vehicles and activities at the upcoming Show.

Media Center

Exhibitors are encouraged to post their Show-related news and announcements to the SEMA Show Online Media Center.

Exhibitors can post releases at no cost, and attach photos and select the market segments that are relevant to their news. Whether exhibitors are announcing new products, a booth demonstration, vehicle unveiling or celebrity appearance, there are best practices when drafting a release and posting in the SEMA Online Media Center to get maximum exposure. Here are some tips for exhibitors to keep in mind:

  • Have a strong headline: Make it concise and compelling to grab the attention of your reader.
  • Stick to the facts: Avoid embellishing or opinions. Reporters are looking for news and will not report on the “best” or “greatest” products. They will, however, report on products that result in specific outcomes.
  • Tag your Show category: The Online Media Center allows exhibitors the ability to select which show categories their news falls under. Journalists can then filter press releases by their market segment.
  • Include a photo: Editors like to run photos with their news stories. Many editors will only use releases that have photos. JPEGs are preferred, and print publications will insist on high-resolution 300-dpi images.
  • Write like an editor: Most publications follow the Associated Press (AP) format. Become familiar with this style of writing to help you craft your message in a way that makes it easy to read and easy to use.
  • Include your contact info: Whether you’re inviting your reader to an event or introducing your new product, make sure you include your SEMA Show booth number and media contact information should a journalist have any questions or want to drop by your booth.

To learn more about the media opportunities available to SEMA Show exhibitors, visit the SEMA Show Exhibitor Services Manual.