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Ask Congress to Protect Your Right to Modify by Co-sponsoring the REPAIR Act

As automotive technology continues to evolve, aftermarket businesses and automotive enthusiasts must have access to the tools and information necessary to modify and service motor vehicles. SEMA is committed to protecting your right to modify, but we need your help NOW!

The REPAIR Act (Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair), H.R. 6570, is a bipartisan bill in the U.S. House by Representatives that would ensure enthusiasts, aftermarket businesses and repair shops have access to the information and tools that are needed to maintain and modify the cars, trucks and SUVs we love. Click here to send a letter to your U.S. House member asking them to support the REPAIR Act.


  • Protects consumer access to independent repair and maintenance by allowing vehicle owners to securely share their vehicle’s repair and maintenance data with their repairer of choice.
  • Enshrines into law enthusiasts’ ability to modify their vehicles by prohibiting vehicle manufacturers from imposing any technological or legal barriers that block aftermarket parts manufacturers from accessing critical information and tools necessary to develop products that are interoperable with emerging vehicle technology.
  • Establishes the right for aftermarket businesses and independent repair shops to access critical information, tools and equipment needed to maintain and improve the performance of vehicles.
  • Requires companies producing vehicles equipped with telematics (wireless transmission of data) to make available to aftermarket manufacturers and repair facilities any critical repair information and tools at a fair and reasonable cost.

Now more than ever, our message must be heard! Don’t wait—your member of Congress needs to protect the right to modify and repair vehicles before it’s too late.