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SEMA-Supported Ocean Shipping Reform Act Signed Into Law

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

President Biden has signed into law SEMA-supported legislation to improve ongoing supply-chain issues and backlogs at ports. The Ocean Shipping Reform Act was passed unanimously by the Senate and overwhelming by the House of Representatives. The bill strengthens the authority of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), which oversees international ocean shipping, to enforce against exploitative business practices and investigate fees charged by shipping companies.

Shipping company invoices will need to include accurate information on a container’s availability date, port of discharge, free time, rates and contact information. The FMC will also establish a webpage for complaint submissions and maintain an office for dispute resolution services. U.S. Department of Transportation staff will work with representatives of major ports, ocean carriers, railroads, trucking companies, and workers to help address port congestion.

“This bill helps aftermarket businesses around the country that rely on a worldwide supply chain to produce and assemble products in America that improve the style and performance of motor vehicles. At a time when our members struggle to keep their shelves stocked and rising costs are adversely impacting automotive enthusiasts, passage of this legislation will help on both fronts by addressing port disruption issues and unreasonable demurrage charges” said Daniel Ingber, SEMA’s vice president of government and legal affairs.

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