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New Products From Wolo Manufacturing, REKUDO, HRE Wheels and More

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Vossen's all-new Hybrid Forged wheel, the HF-7, is derived from it's forged counterpart, the EVO-5R. With pocketed spokes and an aggressive Y-pattern, the HF-7 is available in 2 standard finishes and custom finishes.

The wheel is available in 19-in.–24-in. sizes.

HRE Wheels

HRE announced that its new CRBN program uses the latest materials and manufacturing technologies to surpass what was previously possible in carbon fiber wheels. Initially, the CRBN line will consist of carbon fiber rims paired with all-new forged aluminum centers. The new Series HX1 will consist of four styles: the HX100 Mesh, HX101 Y-Spoke, HX104 V-Spoke, and HX107 Split 5-Spoke. The wheels will be offered 20-, 21-, and 22-in. diameters, with expanded fitments to come.

The new HRE CRBN wheel is designed for supercars and hyper-exotics features a toughened-resin system for achieving high impact resistance and is created using precision closed-mold Vacuum-Assisted Resin-Transfer Molding (VARTM), giving the CRBN rim exceptional fiber volumes for class-leading strength-to-weight ratios.

Drop-In Phantom Brushless Fuel Pumps

Aeromotive has developed Direct Drop-In Phantom Brushless Spur Gear Fuel Pumps for ’05–’18 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 series trucks. The fuel pumps are designed to directly fit factory fuel tanks with 3.5 gallon-per-minute and 5.0 gallon-per-minute (GPM) flow rates. Unique OEM-style brackets accommodate different applications and fuel level sending units. The pumps are engineered to deliver the proper fuel volume to high-performance street, off-road and racing applications with easy installation when using the factory tank.

The 3.5 GPM Brushless Spur Gear Fuel Pump (PN: 18087) can support naturally-aspirated gasoline applications up to 2,400 hp, naturally-aspirated E-85 ethanol applications up to 1,680 hp, forced-induction gasoline applications up to 1,800 hp, and forced-induction E-85 ethanol applications up to 1,260 hp. For those looking for more flow, the 5.0 GPM Brushless Spur Gear Fuel Pump (PN: 18088) supplies enough fuel for naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 3,400 hp, naturally-aspirated E-85 ethanol applications up to 2,380 hp, forced-induction gasoline applications up to 2,600 hp and forced-induction E-85 ethanol applications up to 1,820 hp.

ADVAN A055 Motorsports Wheel

Yokohama Tire has added a new motorsports tire to its lineup, the ADVAN A055.

Highlights of the A055 include:

  • Maximum grip is achieved by an advanced motorsports compound that provides outstanding dry grip for extreme cornering, braking and acceleration on the track. Also, symmetric alternating twin grooves maximize the contact patch to increase dry track performance.
  • Ultimate handling comes from the motorsports construction which features an ultra-high turn up that increases stiffness for enhanced cornering.
  • Consistent performance is produced by a rounded profile which quickly transitions from straight-line sprints to high-speed cornering for predictable handling.
  • Race-ready tires thanks to the optimized tread depth and design which eliminates the need for shaving.

JL8 4-Wheel Disc Brake System For ’70–’81 Camaro and Firebird

The 4-wheel disc brake upgrade (with Corvette-style 4-piston calipers for both front and rear) was offered for the ’68 Camaro as a “Heavy Duty Service” package sold through the parts counter at Chevrolet car dealers. In 1969, the 4-piston disc brakes could be ordered as a Regular Production Option (RPO) JL8 package on production vehicles. With only about 200 vehicles optioned with the JL8 package, finding parts is hard to come by.

The complete JL8 brake system is now available again with upgraded components, like forged aluminum calipers, premium rotors, dust shields, brake hoses, spindles, hubs, and other parts. There are several options for caliper finish (with and without the REKUDO logo). This premium brake system can be used with the complete REKUDO suspension system for the ’70–’81 Camaro/Firebird. JL8 brake systems are ideal for use in all high-performance applications.

Billet Backfire Plate Kits

Prior to blower manifolds being fit with backfire plates it wasn’t uncommon for a severe backfire to lift the blower, shear the studs and grenade the manifold. The use of backfire plates has significantly reduced or eliminated this issue entirely.

More information is available

Wolo Manufacturing
8000 Series Grill and Surface Mount LED Warning Light Kit
Wolo Manufacturing

Wolo Manufacturing Corp. introduced the Wolo 8000 Series LED Warning Light Kit. The 8000 Series is designed for grill and surface mount applications on vehicles that require front warning lighting and offers high visibility in bright sun, dense fog, and rain. The new warning light series is available in a choice of amber, blue, or red lighting and comes as a complete kit with two, super-bright linear LED clusters.

Designed to provide a simple application, the 8000 Series includes all the necessary components for installation. The kit features plug-and-play, waterproof connections for long lifetime, switch control, wiring, mounting brackets, and hardware. The lights are operated by the switch control, which can be mounted to the dashboard or console to turn the LEDs on and off, and toggle between 26 different light patterns, including a ‘strobe-like’ flash pattern.

The Wolo 8000-A is pre-wired to accept additional lighting and can be expanded from two to four LEDs with the Wolo LED Grill and Surface Mount Expansion Pack, 8050-A. Whether the operator is using two or four LED clusters, the system comes factory wired so the clusters will be synchronized. Each of the three Linear LED clusters have different part numbers: Amber-8000-A, Blue 8005-B, and Red 8010-R.

Brass Knuckle
Midnight Safety Glasses
Brass Knuckle

The new Midnight (BKDST-1050AFP) Safety Glasses feature a face-tight gasket, SideShield, and wraparound protection makes work comfortable for the wearer. The lenses feature BK-Anti-FOG+ anti-fog protection to keep vision clear in high-moisture, high-heat conditions.

Each pair features a removable gasket made of soft-but-tough EVA foam, forming a dust filter that completely fills the gap between the glasses and the face, to seal in eyes and keep dust out.

Brass Knuckle bonds the BK-Anti-FOG+ directly to the lens, adhering to a standard 45-times tougher than the most stringent anti-fog standards. Each lens also offers 99.99% UV protection.