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New Products From Cobra Electronics, Air Lift, Howell EFI and More

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Cobra Electronics
Jump Starters, Charger, Power Station
Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics unveiled its new line of power solutions comprised of four new products ideal for back-up or on-demand use: the Jump Starter 800A and the Jump Starter 1000A to start dead vehicle and boat batteries without any outside assistance, the Battery Charger 2A to charge and maintain vehicle batteries during the off-season or when not in use for an extended time, and the Power Station 200W to provide portable power for multiple devices or appliances. Targeted towards everyday commuters, family travelers, outdoor and marine enthusiasts, and mobile professionals, the products offer safe, reliable power for the road, the outdoors, the water or in the off-season—anytime or anywhere needed.

The Jump Starter 800A – To start dead vehicle and boat batteries without any outside assistance. Perfect for everyday commuters and outdoor adventurers.

The Jump Starter 1000A – With all the features of the Jump Starter 800A – but with maximum power for larger trucks, boats and professional vehicles. Perfect for professional drivers, RV-ers, boaters and everyday commuters.

The Battery Charger 2A – To charge and maintain vehicle batteries during the off-season or when not in use for an extended time. Perfect for everyday drivers or travelers in the off-season.

The Power Station 200W (Available later this summer) – For power wherever you need it, when you need it. Complete with multiple outlet types, 2 LED flashlights, and built-in safety protection, it's perfect for camping, tailgating, boating and beyond.

Air Lift
Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Maverick Air Lift 1000 Kits
Air Lift

Air Lift has released a new Air Lift 1000 kit specifically designed for the new ’22 Ford Maverick AWD (part # 60859), and the ’21–’22 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Air Lift 1000 is Air Lift’s debut product, first released more than 70 years ago. By working with the vehicle’s existing suspension, Air Lift 1000 helps with vehicle squat, poor headlight aim, unresponsive steering, trailer sway, body roll and bottoming out. By properly leveling the load, squat is eliminated, braking is improved and the vehicle is returned to a level and stable state, allowing users to tow and haul with safety and comfort.

The Air Lift 1000 system (PN: 60859) is air adjustable from 5 to 35 PSI, allowing them to be adjusted to the weight of the load. Whether the vehicle is loaded or unloaded, the volume of the air springs will improve the overall ride quality. Installation requires no drilling or special tools and the kit includes an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated instruction manual for an DIY friendly installation. For convenient inflation and deflation of the air springs, Air Lift offers a variety of on-board air compressor systems, including both wired and wireless systems.

Steele Rubber Products
Vent Window Set for Scout II
Steele Rubber Products

Steele Rubber Products released its new Vent Window Weatherstrip Set for the ’71–’80 International Scout II. For more than 60 years Steele Rubber has been manufacturing and offering high quality weatherstripping for classic cars, trucks and hot rods.

  • Vent Window Weatherstrip Set
  • Fits 1971-1980 International Scout II
  • PN: 70-4547-55

This Front Door Vent Window Weatherstrip pair is designed from the original parts for superior fitment and seal. A four (4) piece (with end caps) set that fits both driver (left) and passenger (right) front doors of the vent/wing window assemblies.

  • Fully molded from top quality rubber with a corrosion resistant brass metal core to ensure durability and proper seal.
  • Reproduction is designed from the original part to fit correctly.
  • Installs into metal vent window frame.
  • Made in the USA
Hooker BlackHeart
Exhaust System for Mopar A-Body With Gen III Hemi Swap
Hooker BlackHeart

Finish off your Gen III Hemi swap project with the finest exhaust system available for your ’67–’74 Mopar A-body. Hooker BlackHeart’s new exhausts feature 2.5-in. diameter, 304 stainless-steel, zero-restriction mufflers and 304 stainless-steel mandrel-bent exhaust tubing. This system is designed for the Gen III Hemi swap vehicles and bolts directly to BH23104 Shorty Headers.

The high-tuck design provides the best ground clearance for lowered cars. Optional rectangular polished exhaust tips fit below the rear bumper (available separately to replace exhaust turndowns).

Titanium Knitted sleeves

Titanium Knitted sleeves are available in two different precut lengths and special order lengths. They have a max temperature rating of 1800°F with a continuous rating of 1382°F.

Perfect for larger exhaust pipes and turbo down pipes, as sleeves can expand up to 1.5 times normal diameter allowing to install over flanges and sensor threads. You can cut to length and simply roll the ends. Protect components and keep heat from transferring into cabins, protect components and vehicle bodywork. Designed to fit 3-in. and 4-in. O.D. tube size.

Howell EFI
TBI Conversion Kits for Classic International Harvester Scout Trucks
Howell EFI

Howell EFI offers eight different Throttle Body Injection (TBI) kits that can be used to convert classic International Harvester Scout trucks to TBI. Whether driven off-road, used for show or a daily driver, Howell’s TBI conversion kits are designed to convert classic Scouts (Scout 80, Scout 800, 810, Scout II) quickly and efficiently to fuel injection improving cold starting, drivability and fuel mileage. And for off-roaders, your Scout will be less likely to be fuel starved when taking the trail at an angle.

The kits include everything needed to convert these classic styled Scouts from the original Scout 80 (’60–’65) to the 810 (’71) to TBI in one easy kit and can work with or without modified engine or headers and with options for 2BBL or 4BBL intakes. Howell TBI kits feature a remanufactured GM throttle body appropriate for the engine size, all sensors—MAP, coolant and oxygen, components, a stand-alone wiring harness available in variable lengths based on where the TBI will be located, ECM and fuel pump, clamps and one of three sized adapter plates. The Howell TBI kit allows for custom calibration PROM for the engine and an ECM that installs under the dash. No tuning will be required. The fuel pump installs into the main fuel line, and bypass fuel is returned to the tank. The weather resistant harness includes a diagnostic connector, and the diagnostic is like a ’86–’92 GM pickup. The kit utilizes the OBDI GM diagnostic capabilities for scanning codes.

Current available kits include IH461 CID, IH478 CID, IH304 CID, IH345 CID, IH392 CID, IH401 CID, IH446 CID and IH266 CID. Options exist for the kits to make sure that installation is true plug and play.