CARB Assessing Fees for Aftermarket EOs

For the last 7 years, the SEMA Compliance Center has assisted members with ensuring that performance products are emissions legal. This has primarily involved preparation of California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) applications and emissions laboratory testing. SEMA has also worked closely with CARB to streamline the application procedures and ensure that adequate staffing is available at CARB to handle anticipated added volume.

SEMA Compliance Center

The SEMA Compliance Center assists members with ensuring that performance products are emissions legal.

CARB introduced new procedures on January 1, 2022. SEMA Compliance Center staff have submitted applications following the new guidance, but there is very limited information regarding the successful implementation of these procedures.

CARB is also in the process of implementing fees for EO applications to offset the cost of additional staffing. The fees are heavily dependent on the new procedures; therefore, it is SEMA’s position that the fees should not be implemented until the new procedures have been proven to accomplish the stated goal of streamlining the process.

CARB is currently moving forward with the assessment of fees to be effective for applications submitted after March 31, 2022. SEMA is opposed to this early start date and is working with CARB board members and California government representatives to push the date back, but it appears unlikely that relief will be given prior to that date.

For more information, contact Peter Treydte, SEMA director of emissions compliance, at or 909-978-6673.