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New Products From Manley Performance, BDS, Vintage Air and Edge

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Manley Performance
Toyota 3UR-FE Pistons
Toyota 3UR-FE Pistons

Toyota’s “iForce” V-8 engine, commonly known by its 3UR-FE designation, can be found in the Tundra pickup, Sequoia, Land Cruiser and Lexus LX570 vehicles. With the increased popularity of this 5.7L engine —including the use of aftermarket forced induction systems—Manley Performance has added an array of 3UR-FE pistons to its highly regarded Platinum Series lineup.

Forged from race-proven 2618 aluminum alloy, 3UR-FE pistons are now available in multiple bore sizes (standard to +.65mm) in compression ratios that range from 10.0:1 to 12.5:1. Attributes include an offset wrist pin for quieter start-ups, a pressure balance groove and moly coated skirts to reduce friction and improve longevity.

Included with the pistons are .210-in. wall wrist pins (choice of Premium chrome moly or 9310 Extreme Duty series) premium steel top rings and round wire locks.

Billet Injector and Xcelerator Plates
Billet Injector and Xcelerator Plates

BDS manufactures one of the largest selection of high-performance injector and Xcelerator plates on the market. As with all the company’s products, the entire manufacturing process is performed in-house allowing them to maintain the utmost in quality control and precision fit at prices far below the competition.

Models are offered in variety of designs for use with BDS Blowers and a select number of other superchargers. Related accessories including, fuel rails and fuel lines are also available.

L5P Duramax ECM Connector Repair Kit
L5P Duramax ECM Connector Repair Kit

When removing the factory ECM from the ’17–’22 GM L5P Duramax trucks, it’s common for the factory engine wiring harness connectors to become brittle and the plastic sliders to break. This is especially common on higher mileage trucks that have been subjected to harsh weather and road elements that can cause moisture and contamination around the ECM connectors.

Whether you are removing your factory ECM for installation of our Pulsar V3 tuning device, or for an ECM unlock service for flash tuning, don't let broken connector slides create unwanted downtime and expensive repairs. This kit includes two small slides and two large slides to offer complete repair of both engine harness connectors at a fraction of the cost of a new engine wiring harness.

Vintage Air
Streamline Heater for ’30s–’40s Cars and Trucks
Streamline Heater for '30s-'40s Cars and Trucks

Vintage Air announced the release of its all-new Streamline Heater, the company’s most powerful and handsome heater system designed with classic styling to match the designs of the Streamline Era of the ’30s.  

The Streamline Heater’s Art Deco-style molded plastic cover, polished stainless-steel trim and single-knob operation ensure safety and ease of use. Powder-coated louvers direct air out of the bottom of the heater and separate it between the driver and passenger footwells for even heating. The single control knob regulates both the three-speed blower fan and the electronically controlled heater control valve.