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By Kyle Cheng

Industry Indicators

The monthly “SEMA Industry Indicators” report details how movements in the broader economy may impact your business strategy.

As we enter 2022, the overall economic outlook remains positive. While the economy would be bigger today had it not been hit by the pandemic, there was strong growth in 2021 and it is set to expand by 3.9% in 2022. That said, there are challenges on the horizon to keep an eye on: ongoing supply issues, coronavirus variants and high inflation.

Want more information on the trends affecting the specialty-equipment industry? Check out the “SEMA Industry Indicators” report each month to learn how movements in the broader economy may impact your business strategy. In this report, published monthly, you’ll get a snapshot of the overall economy and our industry, including:

  • Overall economic outlook
  • New-vehicle sales and statistics on auto-parts production
  • Consumer sentiment and spending
  • Economic growth and unemployment
  • Other important industry insights

To learn more, download the January “SEMA Industry Indicators” report, now available for free at

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