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New Products From Total Seal, Improved Racing, CORSA Performance and More

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Hellwig Suspension Products
Rear Sway Bars for ’21 F-150
Rear Sway Bars for 2021 F-150

Hellwig Suspension Products has released two new sway bars for the ’21 Ford F-150.

Hellwig Products sway bars offer improved safety, handling, comfort and overall driver control over factory sway bars made of softer material. These new Ford F-150 rear sway bars use 1-in. diameter, heat-treated 4140 chromoly steel and feature three-hole ends for adjustability. The sway bars have Hellwig Products' signature hammertone finish for maximum durability.

Ford F-150 rear sway bar (PN: 7788) is intended for factory-height Ford F-150s, while the rear sway bar (PN: 7812) is for use on Ford F-150s with 2–4 in. of rear lift. Outside of their differing lengths, the features of these rear sway bars are the same. Each kit comes complete with all mounting hardware necessary for installation, including polyurethane bushings and HD adjustable end links.

Improved Racing
Performance Aluminum Windage Tray for Up to 4-in. Stroke LS Engines
Performance Aluminum Windage Tray for Up to 4" Stroke LS Engines

Improved Racing has released a new line of aluminum windage trays for the LS engine that clears up to a 4-in. stroke.

These new windage trays are 100% bolt-on compatible with factory LS family oil pans. No need to grind, modify or add spacers to your windage tray. No more oil starvation issues due to misaligned pickup tubes. Just bolt this on and everything will line up like factory.


  • Clears both factory and ARP studs.
  • Clears all aftermarket rods and crankshafts up to a 4-in. stroke with no modifications needed.
  • Optimized to improve oil scavenging and windage control.
  • Hardware for factory studs included.
  • Made from aluminum, it weighs less than half as much as the factory windage tray.
  • Made in the United States. Lifetime warranty.
PN EGM-241

Improved Racing
Bolt-on Thermostatic Transmission Fluid Cooler Adapter for GM 6L, 8L and 10L Automatic Transmissions
Bolt-on Thermostatic Transmission Fluid Cooler Adapter for GM 6L, 8L, and 10L Automatic Transmissions

Improved Racing has launched the first ever bolt-on thermostatic transmission fluid cooler adapter for GM’s 6L, 8L and 10L automatic transmissions.

The adapter’s built-in thermostat automatically bypasses the transmission cooler until the fluid reaches operating temperature. This eliminates rough shifts caused by overcooling the transmission, reduces wear, and improves horsepower and longevity. Transmissions come up to temp quickly and still have all of the cooling capacity needed for high-load activities such as towing or racing.


  • Available in two temperature ratings: 140ºF and 160ºF.
  • -6AN female O-ring boss ports for connection flexibility; choose any line size and type you want.
  • Rebuildable thermostat.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Lifetime warranty.
PN TGM-100

Corsa Performance
1.875-in. by 3.0-in. C8 Corvette Headers
1.875" by 3.0" C8 Corvette Headers

The CORSA 1.875-in. by 3.0-in. C8 Corvette headers maximize performance and sound gains without the need for tuning, so once installed, you are ready to hit the street or track.  The 1 7/8-in. primaries are made of quality 304 stainless steel to maximize flow and emphasize the sound. They bolt directly in front of the stock catalytic converter and are emissions legal.  

Each set of CORSA 1.875-in. by 3.0-in. C8 Corvette headers come complete with basalt-based spark plug boot covers for protection against excessive temperatures and extended spark plug life.  

  • Connects directly to stock or CORSA hi-flow cats.
  • Utilizes stock bolt pattern.
  • Mandrel bent 1 7/8-in. primaries.
  • Installation gaskets and hardware included.
  • Quality 304 stainless-steel construction.
  • 3-in. collector with scavenging spike.
  • 100% dyno tuned.
PN L4000600201

Total Seal
Ndurance Expanded Performance Oil Rings
Ndurance Expanded Performance Oil Rings

Total Seal Ndurance Expanded Performance Oil Rings were specifically designed with turbo and high-boost engines in mind. More boost means thicker oil and requires higher oil ring tension to prevent detonation from poor oil control.

To increase the tension on Ndurance Oil Rings, Total Seal incorporates a special gas nitriding steel heat treatment of the expander. This changes the metallurgy, grain structure and color of the steel. The nitride hardening process integrates onto the surface of the expander to form the nitride layer. This allows the portion of metal below the surface layer to maintain a level of malleability that prevents cracking under extreme conditions.


  • Increased performance and endurance.
  • Zero to minimal distortion.
  • Precise dimensional control.
  • Improved wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Increased fatigue strength.
  • Extended life.
  • Added abrasive wear resistance.
  • Enhanced surface lubricity.