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Influencer Sana Dadabhoy Scans the Toyota GR86 at the SEMA Garage

By Fredy Ramirez, Jay Carpio, and Carr Winn

Influencer Sana Dadabhoy (@Ladyzla_) was invited to join Toyota at the SEMA Garage for a ’22 GR86 measuring session. With complete access to the new GR86 in both standard and premium trim levels, Dadabhoy joined members as they explored this exciting new platform. SEMA Mechanical Engineer Luis Morales also provided a hands-on demonstration of how SEMA members can utilize Garage services to get a jumpstart on R&D.  

According to the OEM, “With two grades and a choice of manual or automatic transmission, the ’22 GR86 is ready to thrill at every turn.” In support of that claim, Toyota boasts that the powerplant on the GR86 boasts 228hp, up from 205 and 184 lb.-ft. of torque, up from 156 and peak torque arrives far earlier in the powerband at 3,700 RPM, versus 6,600 RPM.

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