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Featured Products From SEMA Data Excellence Members


The SEMA Data Excellence designation recognizes the companies that have worked with SEMA Data to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SEMA Data members that have achieved data excellence.


JMS PedalMAX was designed to improve the throttle response and driving characteristics of modern vehicles equipped with electronic throttle control systems. Throttle response and acceleration are improved, turbo applications see a big lag reduction, all leading to more power and torque. Taking only minutes to install, the unit plugs in-line between your vehicle's pedal position sensor and vehicle harness, utilizing OEM connectors with a control knob making performance adjustable on-the-fly! PedalMAX units are fully waterproof, backed by a lifetime warranty, designed and assembled in the USA.


Rugged Ridge Performance
Vented Hood Kit; ’07–’16 Jeep Wrangler JK
Rugged Ridge

Remove the heat, maximize your engine performance and add a little flair to your Jeep exterior with this Performance Vented Hood kit from Rugged Ridge that combines the function of the Performance Vented Hood (PN: 17759.01) and the aggressive off-road style of the hood vents (PN: 17759.09) Made of stamped steel and a factory inner core, the Performance Vented Hood fits like the original yet allows more heat to escape from the engine compartment than other hoods on the market today. The SRT-inspired design gives a great aggressive look. Vents are removable to make it easier to paint. Uses factory attachment points and more aftermarket accessories will simply bolt into place. Got heat? You need this kit!  


  • Includes PN: 17759.01 and PN: 17759.09
  • Perfect add-on accessory
  • Promote proper airflow into your engine bay
  • OE-style inner structure
  • Limited 5-year warranty

PN: 17759.02

Boostline Ford Ecoboost 2.3L, 149.00 mm, ARP 625+, Set of 4

BoostLine connecting rods are designed from the ground up for high-power forced induction and nitrous applications. A patented, three-pocket design, forged from premium 4340 steel, maximizes strength while minimizing rotating weight. This revolutionary design dramatically improves the rod’s big-end stability under tensile loads and provides a 60% improvement in bending strength and 20% stress reduction in tension compared to H-beam designs. All of these benefits make BoostLine rods ideal for high-cylinder pressure engine combinations.


  • Purpose-built for boost
  • Forged from ultra-strong 4340 steel
  • Patented three-pocket design
  • Industry-leading ARP 2000 fasteners (Available in 625+ for sport compact and European applications)
  • Detailed inspection report included

PN: FD5866-886

CTEK MUS Test & Charge

CTEK’s MUS 4.3 TEST & CHARGE battery charger and maintainer has three unique and easy-to-use test programs that check the condition and performance of the battery, the alternator and the vehicle’s charging system. It also has a patented desulphation function and reconditioning mode that analyzes the state of the battery to recover its health and restore stratified and deeply discharged batteries. The MUS 4.3 TEST & CHARGE uses CTEK’s patented float/pulse system, which makes it ideal for long-term battery maintenance. The MUS 4.3 TEST & CHARGE provides excellent performance on 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM, GEL) from 1.2Ah up to 110Ah. The MUS 4.3 TEST & CHARGE protects vehicle electronics, is spark-free and reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof.

PN: 56-959

’21–’22 Ford Bronco Rock Fighter Front Bumper
Addictive Desert Designs

Designed with heavy trail use in mind, this bumper feature high clearance and approach angles. At the center of the bumper is a universal light mount ready for up to a 20-in. radius light bar, or five cube lights. There are two light mounts for round lights on top, on either side of the low-profile top hoop and standard winch mount. This bumper retains OEM parking sensor locations, and there is an adaptive cruise control relocation bracket available. The Rock Fighter has an integrated bumper skid plate featuring louvers to allow airflow to the intercooler. Additionally, we offer an optional 3/16-in. aluminum alloy front skid plate to provide superior protection to the underbelly, as opposed to the OEM plastic skid. As always, this is fully bolt-on and made in America.

PN: F230181060103