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Featured Products From SEMA Data Excellence Members

The SEMA Data Excellence designation recognizes the companies that have worked with SEMA Data to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SEMA Data members that have achieved data excellence.

InVision 1969 Chevy Camaro Direct-Fit Digital Dash

AutoMeter's InVision line of products continues to expand with a new application available for the '69 Chevy Camaro. The complete direct-fit dash system comes with everything needed to monitor the most vital parameters on your vehicle—speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and voltmeter. All instruments are displayed on a high-resolution and vivid 12.3-in. LCD screen.

  • Direct-fit instrumentation solution for ’69 Chevrolet Camaro that monitors speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and volts all in a high resolution and colorful display.
  • 12.3-in. LCD display with four user selectable screens.
  • Integrated notifications for high beams and turn signals as well as instrument warnings and a user selectable warning light.
  • Includes steering column neck sleeves, universal wiring harness and sending units for water temperature and oil pressure as well as a joystick for dash customization.
  • Helps identify critical parameters with visual or audible alarms—low fuel level/oil pressure/voltage and high water temperature.
  • Displays output programmable for imperial or metric measurements.
  • Requires no cutting, drilling or modification to factory pieces.
  • Speedometer easily calibrates to OEM or aftermarket vehicle speed sensors and the tachometer is capable of calibrating to many engine types (1-12 cylinders).
  • User-selectable fuel level resistance ranges designed for OEM and aftermarket sending units.

PN: 7008

MXS 5.0

CTEK’s award-winning MXS 5.0 is a 12V battery charger and maintainer offers a unique eight-step approach to battery care. It charges batteries up to 110Ah and maintains larger batteries up to 160Ah. The MXS 5.0 features capabilities for improved charging in all weather. It is the perfect charger for the user with multiple vehicle types and higher-demand battery charging and maintenance requirements. The CTEK MXS 5.0’s special reconditioning mode helps to revive batteries that have been sitting unattended for long periods and are deeply discharged. AGM mode is specifically designed to charge and maintain AGM and EFB (i.e. Optima) lead-acid batteries without overcharging or damaging the battery.

PN: 40-206

Factory Race 4.4 X 12.0 External Bypass (4 Tube) Piggyback Shock

Fox devotes countless hours of research and development to design race-winning suspension that withstands incredible punishment and provides consistent performance you can rely on. Regardless of whether you are flying high over the desert or struggling to stick to a rock face on an off-camber climb, our shocks will give you the damping performance, suspension control and proper spring rate to get the job done.

  • Packed Race Winning Technology
  • Durable Zinc Plated Seamless Alloy Body
  • Hard Chromed 4130 Alloy Steel Shaft
  • Fox Racing Oil Developed For Ultimate Performance
  • Black Anodized CNC Machined Aluminum Components

PN: 981-02-391

Stage 1 Cylinder Head Package for ’02–’05 WRX 2.0L S20 Castings, Combustion Chamber Modified

IAG Stage 1 Cylinder Head Package: IAG’s Stage 1-cylinder heads are intended for those looking for a cost-effective OEM+ replacement. Each package starts with brand new S20 WRX OEM head castings, directly from Subaru of America. The bare castings are visually inspected and then fixtured into our in-house Centroid 5-axis CNC Machine. This is one of the most advanced pieces of precision engine machining equipment in the world.

In the Centroid, the heads undergo a cam clearance machining process which removes material from the lifter area where larger lift and duration cam profiles are known to contact the castings. The Centroid also performs a chamber modification service to mimic the chamber shape of an STI. Then the heads are then fixtured in our Serdi 3.0 Valve Guide and Seat Machine to cut all intake and exhaust seats with a multi-angle valve job that suits the flow characteristics of GSC's standard size 36mm Intake and 32mm exhaust valves.

At this point, the heads' decks are resurfaced using our TS-3000 BlockMate, which cuts the aluminum to a smooth, even finish. Next, the heads are ultrasonically cleaned to remove debris and oils from the machining process. Finally, the heads are reassembled using GSC Single Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers along with GSC Viton stem seals.

PN: 3010SC-01


The JMS BoostMAX is designed to work with all EcoBoost engines to considerably increase Horsepower and Torque, up to 50+WHP depending on application. The plug and play design is easy to install, connecting to your factory MAP and TIP sensors with an included knob for on-the-fly boost adjustment.

You’ll feel increased throttle response across the entire power band, with no aftermarket OBDII programming required. For the ultimate in power and control, pair with the JMS PedalMAX.

BoostMAX units are fully waterproof, backed by a lifetime warranty, designed and assembled in the USA.

Vision X
LED Light Bars
Vision X

The Vision X Chaser Bar provides high output color LEDs in a sleek, low-profile housing with a bright flood beam pattern. This rear mounted light bar can be configured as your running and brake lights using standard Red, Amber and White LEDs. The Chaser Bar comes in two sizes to accommodate stock UTV (28-in.) and after-market UTV (35-in.) roll cages.

  • 5 Function: Red LED Brake and Taillight, Static Amber Light, Flashing Amber Light, and Reverse/Utility White Light
  • Ultra Slim Housing Design
  • Multiple Mounting Options

PN: 2935101