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New Products From KBS Coatings, Hospeco Brands, Aeromotive and More

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Power Sports Cooling Fans for ATVs, UTVs
Power Sports Cooling Fans for ATVs, UTVs

Continental introduced a new line of Power Sport Fan assemblies for direct replacement on popular ATVs and UTVs. The new fan assembly range includes four models offering specific applications on the Polaris RZR and Sportsman Scrambler, and Can-Am Outlander Renegade and Maverick.

Continental ATV cooling fans are engineered and built for dependable performance in rugged off-road conditions and a wide range of weather elements.

KBS Coatings
Cavity Coater
Cavity Coater

KBS Coatings Cavity Coater is the perfect solution for providing rust protection in hard-to-reach areas. Cavity Coater is a single-step, super-penetrating corrosion inhibiting coating (CIC) designed for long-term protection of all metal surfaces. It provides a self-healing film tested to render more than four thousand hours of salt-spray protection; more than four times the protection of conventional cavity waxes.

Cavity Coater can be used to protect the inside of framerails, rocker panels, fenders, quarter-panels, doors, tailgates, windshield cowls, posts and more. Cavity Coater wicks into welds and seams that primers and topcoats can’t reach. Cavity Coater resists road salt, alkaline solutions and chemicals. For especially hard to-reach areas the Cavity Wand is offered to extend the reach of aerosol Cavity Coater with a reusable 48-in. hose that features a 360-degree spray tip. The Cavity Wand requires only a 1/8-in. hole to insert and is easily cleaned. Cavity Coater is available in quart, gallon and aerosol versions.

Hospeco Brands
Shopserve Microfiber Towels
Shopserve Microfiber Towels

Hospeco Brands Group’s Shopserve microfiber towels, now available in a convenient dispensing box, are thin but durable 12x12-in. towels that are perfect for quickly removing dirt, dust, and bacteria from surfaces with little to no chemicals. With the convenient dispensing box, microfiber cleaning towels can be kept in areas where cleaning up or wiping down surfaces is a more constant undertaking. The microfiber towels are economical enough to be use as a disposable towel or can be laundered for limited reuse.

Shopserve microfiber cloths are made of polyester and polyamide. The fibers are more than 100 times smaller than a human hair, creating a larger volume of fibers touching a surface compared to traditional cotton cloths. The increased surface area makes Shopserve microfiber significantly more absorbent, seemingly lifting and trapping dust and dirt into their fiber web.

These general-purpose cleaning and detailing towels are suitable for applications as diverse as building services and maintenance, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, agriculture and more.

Direct Drop-In Fuel Fystem for Hellcat-swapped ’20–’21 Jeep Gladiators
Direct Drop-In Fuel Fystem for Hellcat-swapped '20-'21 Jeep Gladiators

Aeromotive has released its new Direct Drop-In fuel system for Hellcat-swapped ’20–’21 Jeep Gladiators. Designed to perform at optimal efficiency in even the harshest conditions on- and off-road, this direct drop-in module utilizes the award-winning Phantom in-tank pump and Aeromotive’s patented foam and bladder technology with check valves to control fuel slosh.

The Phantom Drop-In Fuel Pump Module works in conjunction with the factory fuel tank and requires no drilling or fabrication. It utilizes the OEM fuel tank, lock ring, gasket, fuel level sender and vent paired with the patented Aeromotive Jet Siphon with OEM siphon pickup. The module also includes a single -10 ORB port for those that want to use a return-style regulator and return line.

The Aeromotive Phantom Fuel Pump Module for the ’20–’21 Jeep Gladiator (Part# 18078) includes a single 525 liter-per-hour fuel pump which can support forced induction gasoline applications up to 900 hp and forced induction E-85 ethanol applications up to 600 hp. All horsepower numbers are based on drivetrains using electronic fuel injection with pulse-width modulation.

PN 18078

MAHLE Motorsport
Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston Kit
Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

MAHLE Motorsport’s 4032 alloy Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston kit is designed for heavy-duty applications where the OE cast piston has been known to fail. MAHLE Motorsport has introduced a 4032 alloy option that not only adds much needed strength, but allows for a tighter piston to wall clearance for quieter cold startup.

MAHLE Motorsport’s 2.3L PowerPak kit is loaded with value-added features for reliable power production for any 2.3L EcoBoost engine. MAHLE Motorsport manufactured this kit with a thick slipper-skirt-style forging and an enhanced OE crown design with increased radius for improved strength. Other special features include a heavy-duty 0.200-in. wall thickness, H13 tool steel wrist pins, and a hard anodized top ring groove that is ideal for extreme duty applications. The pistons are engineered with thick 0.235-in. top and 0.200-in. second ring lands. These pistons are designed for OE 149.3 mm length connecting rods and OE 22.5mm, wrist pins and an OE 32.8mm compression height. Valve pockets and depth accommodates both the 2.0L and 2.3L OE EcoBoost heads with a 9.5:1 compression ratio.

This new PowerPak Plus kit is available in 87.51mm (PN: 197937145) and 88.00mm (PN: 197937165) bore sizes and includes a Nitrided steel 1.2mm top, 1.2mm second, 2.8mm oil ring set. The pistons are coated with MAHLE’s unique GRAFAL anti-friction skirt coating and phosphate to prevent microwelding and pin galling.

Lucas Oil
Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid
Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid

Lucas Oil's Sure Start premium starting fluid is designed for gasoline or diesel engines, and offers a 50% ether blend, which Lucas Oil says is more than the leading national brand.

Key benefits include:

  • Helps start stubborn engines fast in cold weather.
  • Saves batteries.
  • Contains upper cylinder lubricant.
  • Performs to -65° F.
  • For use in passenger cars, diesel engines, lawn mowers, chainsaws, outboard motors and fractional horsepower engines.
  • Complies with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.