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Featured Products From SEMA Data Excellence Members

The SEMA Data Excellence designation recognizes the companies that have worked with SEMA Data to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SEMA Data members that have achieved data excellence.

Aero Exhaust
Direct-Fit Exhaust Tips – Black ’15–’21 Dodge Charger V8 Models

Now you can further complement the appearance of your ’15–’21 Dodge Charger with a set of AERO direct-fit exhaust tips. The black powdercoat finish provides an under the radar stealth appearance for enthusiasts looking for a serious look. Beneath the black powder coat finish, these tips feature a premium grade 304 stainless-steel construction.

Designed to connect to the factory ball-flange connection utilizing the original factory hardware for a simple DIY installation experience. Further enhanced with a 5.0-in. outlet diameter for a bolder look which exits through the factory rear valence. The overall 8.5-in. tip features a laser-etched logo for further style enhancement. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Direct factory replacement
  • Black powdercoat finish with laser-etched logo
  • 304 stainless-steel construction
  • Bold 5.0-in. outlet diameter
  • Factory ball flange connection
  • DIY install no cutting or welding
  • Completely fills rear valence void
  • Lifetime limited warranty

PN: 10105

Fia Inc.
Winter and Bug Grille Screen Kit

Fia GS900 Series custom-fit bug grille screen is made from heavy-duty tear-resistant mesh. In the spring, summer and fall it protects the grille and radiator from stone chips, bugs and debris. Quick and easy installation with Fia's patented Stick-A-Stud no-drill installation system. Using a 3M adhesive-backed stud fastener, just peel and stick to surface and snap on either the bug screen. No tools are required for installation.


  • Heavy-duty tear-resistant mesh
  • Protects grille and radiator from stones, bugs and debris
  • Quick and easy installation with Stick A Stud 3M adhesive system
  • Custom fit for most vehicles

PN: GS901-44

 Hamburger’s Performance
LS Swap Filter Integration Systems

When performing an LS engine swap into classic musclecars and trucks, the use of an aftermarket steel or fabricated aluminum oil pan is highly popular, and usually provides better crossmember, component and ground clearance than GM’s factory cast-aluminum pan. As a result, the oil-filter-mounting location, which is integrated into the factory GM cast pan, needs to be relocated. Hamburger’s Performance Products’ LS Swap Filter Integration Systems are designed specifically to address this concern faced by builders during their LS engine swap products.

All kits include a CNC-machined remote filter base, premium-braided hoses, fittings, hose ferules and filter nipples. Made in the USA.

PN: 3371

KW Suspension
Coilover Kit V3—Mercedes AMG GT, GT S, Coupe, Without Adaptive Suspension

Cutting-edge motorsports technology or more performance on the road. Like every suspension product developed by KW automotive and manufactured in Germany, the KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit also provides a significant improvement on the road. Thanks to the high-quality dampers, springs and elastomer spring elements, pitching and rolling movements during load changes, such as evasive maneuvers, cornering, acceleration and braking are significantly reduced. The braking distances are also shortened. Thanks to improved support and feedback, drivers not only feel more confident, but also driving in everyday life is improved. With compression and rebound stage damping that can be set separately and independently of each other, the damper setup can be customized to your personal driving preferences or vehicle changes such as weight, tire characteristics or altered vehicle rigidity. True performance optimization is only possible with this unique, patented system.

For example, this allows the compression damping force to be increased and get more grip from the tires, to improve cornering behavior and reduce squat without simultaneously altering the rebound stage damping which is optimally matched to the spring rate—a scenario that results in reduced grip and the associated loss of performance. The KW Variant 3 INOX-LINE coilover kit is the ideal tool for performance-oriented drivers and experienced tuning enthusiasts who place a strong emphasis on the overall performance of their suspension. The Variant 3 features patented TVR-A and TVC-A technology, which provides separately adjustable rebound and compression damping. The extensive adjustment angel of the independently configurable rebound and compression make it easy to directly influence the steering behavior, directional stability, grip and handling characteristics for confident and repeatable results at the limit of driving dynamics.

PN: 35225080

BD Diesel
Cummins 6.7L Cobra Twin Turbo Kit

BD Diesel’s engineers have designed the Cobra kit for maximum power and efficiency, while remaining compact. Clean, optimized design keeps air conditioning, both batteries and shock tower in their stock positions. Borg Warner Twin turbos matched to provide the wide range of air needed for street and strip performance. Our kit includes everything you need for bolt-on next-level performance, 600–1,400 flywheel horsepower, in a compact package.  


  • Primary: S476SXE/96mm 1.58AR
  • Secondary: S361SXE/80mm 0.90AR
  • V-band on the inlet to the secondary turbo
  • Custom coolant tube and formed silicone hose
  • Twin volute divided hot pipe
  • Borg Warner twin turbos matched to provide the wide range of air needed for street and strip performance
  • 900–1,400 flywheel horsepower in a compact package
  • Clean, optimized design keeps air conditioning and shock tower in the stock position
  • Wastegate-ready exhaust manifold
  • 5-in. turbo outlet close-radius Cobra casting
  • 5-in. downpipe
  • Retains passenger battery with custom mounting tray
  • 5-in. Velocity stack air filter and filter shroud

PN: S361SX-E/S476SX-E Dodge ’07.5–’09