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Featured Products From SEMA Data Excellence Members


The SEMA Data Excellence designation recognizes the companies that have worked with SEMA Data to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SEMA Data members that have achieved data excellence.

Whiteline Sway Bar

Whiteline is now offering suspension products for EVs. Enhance the handling of your Tesla Model 3 with part number BTF101Z, our 30mm solid front sway bar featuring three points of adjustment and synthetic elastomer bushings for improved response. Sway bars are designed to reduce body roll during cornering, which enhances driver confidence behind the wheel. Less body roll means lateral loads are spread more evenly across the tire surface to increase overall grip. Upgrading to adjustable sway bars will also allow finer tuning of the chassis balance, which can be used to eliminate pesky understeer. Pair with our 20mm rear sway bar, PN: BTR101Z, for the ultimate combination in handling performance.



CTEK’s CS FREE is the world’s first multi-functional portable battery charger and smart maintainer with Adaptive Boost technology. The award-winning CS FREE is four cutting-edge products in one portable unit: Adaptive Boost safe start, battery charger, smart maintainer and hi-tech power bank. Adaptive Boost technology analyzes a battery to give it the correct power it needs to safely and quickly charge your battery within 15 minutes while protecting sensitive vehicle tech. That’s not all the CS FREE will do. The CS FREE keeps your tech up and running wherever you are. Charge phones, laptops, cameras and more. CTEK offers convenient accessories to enable charging via solar panel or a 12V service battery.  

PN: 40-462

 DU-HA Tote Portable Storage

The wheeled DU-HA Tote is a portable, all-purpose storage device that rolls into the back of your SUV, pickup, van or trailers allowing you to quickly and easily take your organized gear along. The versatile Tote includes organizers/dividers/gun racks and two utility trays (with dividers) giving you a multitude of storage options. The Tote holds four shotguns or scoped rifles which sit upright on the gun racks. Three latches can all lock with standard padlocks and the lid seals to help keep moisture out even when subjected to the elements. The Tote was designed to slide into the back of your SUV, van or pickup and fits three abreast in many vehicles for the ultimate in organized transport.

PN: 70103

JMS Traction MAX

TractionMAX is designed to work with high-horsepowered vehicles. Adjust to enhance traction and performance. Simple and quick install, the unit plugs in-line between your vehicle’s pedal position sensor and vehicle harness. Use the included dual-dial to adjust pedal (throttle) and time (traction) response making performance adjustable on-the-fly! Beneficial dual-dial save featured is great for new drivers, adjust to reduce the ability to over-power the tires. All units are waterproof, backed by a lifetime warranty, designed and assembled in the USA.