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SEMA Social Media Correspondent Program Continues

By Richard Hail

SEMA Social Media Correspondents (L–R): @moparellie,
@rstgirl, and @thecraig909 stopped by the SEMA Garage for
an exclusive look at the ’22 Ford Maverick.

After debuting 12 months ago at SEMA360, the SEMA Social Media Correspondent Program has been expanded and is accepting applications from industry influencers.

After working informally with influencers for several years, the SEMA Social Media Correspondent Program debuted in 2020 and has given influencers exclusive access to information, events and programs that resulted in expanded coverage of top SEMA initiatives and member programs and services. As content creators developed authentic, social-media-friendly messages that resonated with audiences on their respective platforms, the industry was able to learn about the products used on their builds and the younger generation was encouraged to get involved in the fun and exciting automotive industry.

Through a rigorous registration and onboarding process, SEMA sources and approves content for the SMC program, which then gives influencers access to valuable resources that they can use to develop exciting content for their audiences. The program now includes more than 100 participants on a variety of platforms, throughout the United States and Canada, representing multiple segments of the industry including truck, off-road, sport compact, hot rods, racing and more.

SEMA continues to actively recruit automotive influencers for the SEMA Social Media Correspondent program. Apply now to be considered.