New Products and Technology

Featured Products From SEMA Data Excellence Members


The SEMA Data Excellence designation recognizes the companies that have worked with SEMA Data to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SEMA Data members that have achieved data excellence.

BoostLine Diesel




BoostLine diesel connecting rods are designed specifically for high-torque, turbo diesel applications. The patented design and forged steel construction maximize strength and minimize weight, making BoostLine rods ideal for high-cylinder pressure engine builds. After all, the fun only begins at four-digit torque numbers, right?

  • Patented three-pocket design provides 60% improvement in bending strength and 20% tensional stress reduction compared to common H-beam designs.
  • Forged from ultra-strong, 4340 steel.
  • Standard-equipped with 12mm ARP 2000 fasteners providing 23% more clamping force over 7/16-in. ARP 2000 fasteners.
  • Duration tested on the dyno at more than 2000 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Machining and honing specs held to the tightest tolerances and QC-tested for consistency with 25-point CMM inspection.
  • Available for GM Duramax and Cummins diesel applications.
PN: GM6418-358 (Duramax) and DO7559-575 (Cummins)

DPSS Shift-Lights, 0-16,000 RPM, Black/Silver




AutoMeter tube-style shift lights feature programmable shift points, digital RPM display, numerous LED color options, playback, memory, multiple shift points, launch light, and a progressive shift light. Available in black and silver finishes and include the innovative A.I.M. swivel mount for precise viewing angles. Compatible with an array of engine types and calibrates from 0.5 to 6 pulse ignition signals (1-12 cylinder engines). The shift light features a single programmable digital shift point with seven LED colors to choose from and is adjustable by 10 RPM increments to optimize use of your engine’s power band and improve vehicle run performance. For race applications, activate the trigger wire to start up the launch light feature, multiple RPM shift points, a progressive shift light, and the ability to record up to 80 seconds. Additional fine-tuning with adjustable brightness allowing for daytime and nighttime driving.
PN: 5343 and 5344

8-Cylinder Housing




ZyCoat Coating Services will coat your 8 Cylinder Turbo Housing only with ZyBar high temperature heat dissipation coating is designed to reduce radiant heat, reduce under hood temperatures, offers outstanding corrosion resistance, provides lasting color stability under the most extreme engine conditions and extends the life of your components. ZyBar is rated to internal temperatures well in excess of 2000 F. ZyBar is a single component, durable polymer coating that far out performs ceramic paints, wraps and heat tapes. ZyCoat LLC has opened a Coating Services Division and will coat components for you. ZyCoat will ship you the “One-Stop” box, all shipping is prepaid and return to you coated and cured components—all for one price.
PN: 8C010

JMS Chip & Performance
JMS PedalMax Terrain




Designed for the off-road market, from trucks to UTVs, the JMS PedalMAX Terrain can increase or decrease the throttle sensitivity to match any driving conditions on the fly. Throttle response and acceleration are improved, turbo applications see a big lag reduction, all leading to more power and torque. Quick and easy installation, this plug and play product utilizes a control knob to “save” your throttle setting into the unit. PedalMAX Terrain units are fully waterproof, made with high-quality ruggedized components backed by a lifetime warranty, and made in the USA.
PN: RC1418P01