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New Products From EdgeEnergy, Slime, Yamaha and More

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EdgeEV70 for Rapid EV Charging Stations

EdgeEnergy, a subsidiary of Single Phase Power Solutions, introduced the EdgeEV70 single phase power source for direct current fast chargers. Ideal for remote areas or those without access to three-phase power, the EdgeEV70 operates from readily available single-phase utility service to produce clean, stable, isolated, three-phase output for rapid EV charging stations.

Power output of 480V AC, three-phase, 70 kW is ideally suited for rapid chargers up to 70 kW.  Each power source has an efficiency of 89%, is 100% electrically isolated, with 0 harmonies to comply with IEEE 519 requirements, and has a 1.0 power factor rating at full load. The power source is housed in a weather tight enclosure with an integrated temperature control system. Remote system monitoring, diagnostic, proactive maintenance is standard, allowing the EdgeEV70 to be used in remote areas where three-phase power is not available or cost-prohibitive to install. Rapid EV charging is desired in locations such as state and national parks, recreational areas, tourist locations, and more, to alleviate the range anxiety of EV owners, support local economies and encourage EV adoption.

PowerEdge Alternators 24PE Series

DENSO Products and Services Americas Inc.,an affiliate of mobility supplier DENSO Corp., has expanded its line of PowerEdge alternators by adding a value option to its 24PE series. The new model, the 24PE 160A, fills the heavy-duty aftermarket’s demand for a high-efficiency alternator at a more competitive price.

The new 24PE series model is a 12-volt alternator that produces 160 amps at road speed and 100 amps at idle to meet and exceed the electrical demands of today’s Class 8 trucks. The 160-amp version leverages DENSO’s world-class engineering and craftmanship with its vast supply chain network to ensure all segments of the heavy-duty market have access to a superior product.

Advantages of the 24PE 160A alternator include:

  • Unmatched quality, reliability and durability at a lower price point.
  • Components and functionality tested under extreme conditions, including severe thermal temperatures, to ensure lasting OE-quality parts and performance.
  • Lightweight and compact construction for ease of installation.
  • Best-in-class air flow provided by dual internal fans to quickly lower temperatures under the hood under the harshest conditions.
  • Available in both pad-mount and J180-mount configurations.
  • All 24PE 160A alternators are 100% new with no core charge and backed by a one-year/unlimited miles warranty.
Pro-Series Garage Inflation Station

Slime is pleased to announce its new Pro-Series Garage Inflation Station, letting users air up everything in quickly and easily. With a 25-ft. retractable hose, powerful and quiet motor for super-fast inflation, and easy-read digital display placed strategically where you need it, this garage inflation station has you covered.

Pro-Series Garage Inflation Station features and specs:

  • Powerful motor inflates a car tire from flat to full in 4 minutes.
  • 25-ft. retractable hose reaches nearly anywhere in your garage and then tucks away neatly on your wall.
  • Bright digital gauge (measures 0-99 psi) strategically located at the end of the air hose.
  • 120-volt home wall outlet power source.
  • Great for auto tires, bicycles, inflatables, rafts, mattresses, balls and all other items that need air in your home.
  • Bonus accessories box includes: Valve caps, inflatable adapters, ball needle and Presta valve adapter.
  • Wall mount bracket and hardware included.
  • Auto retract hose with a simple pull.
  • Easy grab handle.
  • Tire sensor safe.
Milwaukee Tools
New Deep Organizer Added to the PACKOUT System
Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee has expanded its PACKOUT Modular Storage System with the new PACKOUT Deep Organizer. This new organizer provides users with another versatile and durable solution for storing large fittings and accessories.

With a 50-lb. weight capacity, the PACKOUT Deep Organizer features quick-adjust dividers and a depth of 5.5 in. to customize internal compartments to fit users needs. To keep contents secure, the transparent lid seals the compartments to prevent contents from traveling during transport. The IP65-rated weather seal protects tools, accessories, and jobsite materials from rain and debris.

With the addition of the new PACKOUT Deep Organizer, the Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System now has more than 35 solutions for users to choose from to fully customize their storage—making PACKOUT one of the most comprehensive modular storage systems in the industry.

EF2200iS Generator With CO Sensor

Yamaha Motor Corp. announced the new EF2200iS inverter generator, highlighted by the addition of a new Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) integrated into a detection and shutdown system.

Designed for emergency home backup portable power use, RV and camping power needs, and as a power source on many DIY home projects, the EF2200iS is the first in Yamaha’s upcoming lineup of generators exclusively equipped with CO Sensor technology to meet the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association’s (PGMA) ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 standard to monitor carbon monoxide emissions. When the CO Sensor detects elevated levels of carbon monoxide, the EF2200iS automatically shuts off and will remain off for approximately five minutes, with indication that the generator needs to be moved to a well-ventilated space. A new CO Sensor graphic and LED indicator lights on the control panel notify the user of carbon monoxide emission levels or system malfunctions.

The EF2200iS delivers 2,200 watts of power to meet the demands of today’s most popular RVs and trailers, built with Yamaha premium inverter technology, delivering clean power for sensitive electronics. Yamaha’s high-output MZ80 OHV, air-cooled, single cylinder 4-stroke engine delivers a maximum of 2,200 watts of AC output with a maximum AC current of 18.3 amps at 120 volts. For additional power, Yamaha’s Twin Tech parallel function allows two units to connect together for a combined power output of 3,600 watts or 30 amps. The EF2200iS is also built for efficient and quiet operation, capable of running at a continuous 10.5 hours with noise levels of 57-65 dBA at a quarter-rated load, allowing people to maintain a normal conversation with ease while it’s running.

Wilwood Disc Brakes
2nd Gen GM AFX ProSpindle and Brake Kits

Wilwood has released its new 2-in. drop ProSpindle for General Motors second-generation ’70–’81 F-body, ‘73–’76 A-body, ‘75–’79 X-body, and related B-body cars using Wilwood brakes.

The high-strength cast steel ProSpindle is more rigid than OEM and eliminates the factory sliding caliper mount, allowing multiple Wilwood brake upgrades. The steering arm has also been strengthened for more accurate steering and better handling with modern tires.

Wilwood engineered the direct caliper mount to provide a fortified attachment for five new brake kits. Options include rotors ranging from 11.00 in. to 14.00 in. in diameter and high-performance four or six piston calipers. The ProSpindles mount to OE ball joints in stock or aftermarket control arms with no change to steering geometry.