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New Products From American Powertrain, S.U.R.&R. and More

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CT500 Universal Clamp Making Tool Kit

S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, is rolling out the CT500 Universal Clamp Making Tool Kit, which will quickly create 360-degree wire seals that hold a wide variety of objects securely together. The CT500 kit includes the clamp-making tool engineered and manufactured at Husky Corporation facilities, 18-gauge stainless steel wire, a wire nut and mini diagonal cutters. The potential uses for the CT500 kit are limited only by the imagination.

Automotive: Repair CV boots, coolant hoses, air hoses and more.
Home: Everyday repairs, including garden hoses, rakes or broken shovel handles.
Farm: Great for mending fences or joining different kinds of materials (metal to wood).
Marine: Quick and cost-effective fuel line repairs.
Industrial: Repair hose connections in minutes.

Many clamp assemblies, like the common worm-gear clamp, don’t result in a uniform seal around the objects that need to be held tightly together. Wire clamps made with the CT500, however, are true 360-degree seals with long-lasting connections thanks to durable stainless steel wire.

American Powertrain
GEN III HEMI 6-Speed Transmission Package
American Powertrain

American Powertrain now offers a new T-56 Magnum package designed for GEN III Hemi, Hellcat, Hellcrate and Hellephant engines up to 1,100 hp. The Stage 2 upgrade takes high-horsepower Tremec Magnum six-speeds to a new level with increased torque capacity up to 1,100 lb.-ft. of torque. The package includes transmission backed up with a proven DYAD dual disc clutch by Centerforce Clutches, rated for a holding capacity of 1,100 lb.-ft. of torque at the crank. The kit also includes a QuickTime steel scattershield bellhousing, Hydramax hydraulic conversion bearing, four quarts of transmission fluid and all the hardware needed for installation.

The Magnum six-speed package is designed for enthusiasts planning a GEN-III swap into a classic Mopar musclecar. American Powertrain is the one-stop shop for all installation parts for a complete swap, including the crossmember and correct shifter location.

Portable Battery Charger With Adaptive Boost Technology


CTEK’s new CS FREE is a portable battery charger and maintainer with Adaptive Boost technology. Within 15 minutes, the CS FREE can take your car from a dead battery to back on the road without being tied to a power outlet. Now available in North America, the CS FREE keeps 12V lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries charged wherever you go.

The multi-functional CS FREE is four cutting-edge products in one portable unit: Adaptive Boost safe start, battery charger, smart maintainer and hi-tech power bank.

Adaptive Boost: Jumper cables and regular boosters are designed to shock your battery by pouring in a lot of electricity in a very short time, a process that can be dangerous for your battery and your vehicle’s electronic systems. CTEK’s Adaptive Boost technology analyzes a battery to give it the correct power it needs to safely and quickly charge your battery while protecting sensitive vehicle tech.

Adaptive Boost technology makes the CS FREE the ideal charger to use if your vehicle battery fails when you’re away from home. Don’t rely on expensive roadside assistance services or jumper cables. With the CS FREE 15-minute start time, dead batteries go from a major hassle to a minor inconvenience.

Battery Charger: The CS FREE can be used as a regular battery charger and maintainer. Use it as a portable charger to top up your battery, especially handy for vehicles stored for longer periods of time away from power. Available accessories allow the CS FREE to enable maintenance charging via solar panels or a 12V service battery for complete charging freedom wherever you go, perfect for campers or adventurers heading off-grid.

Smart Maintainer: The smart maintainer allows you to keep your battery in peak condition. Regularly maintaining batteries prolongs their lifespan as much as three times, saving you from costly replacements.

Hi-Tech Power Bank: With USB-C and USB-A outputs for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices, the CS FREE is more than a portable vehicle charger, it’s the ultimate 12V power bank. Charge your tech while camping, traveling or during power outages at home.

With CTEK’s CS FREE, you can charge it, take it with you, and use it anywhere. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, leisure vehicles, and boats, the smart and simple Swedish design features no buttons or modes, only clear, easy-to-read displays—just connect and the CS FREE will do the rest.

With USB-C connectivity, you can fully recharge your CS FREE quickly and easily. Once you've charged it, the CS FREE will hold its charge for up to a year.

In addition to charging the CS FREE via a power outlet via the supplied PD travel charger and USB-C cable, the CS FREE also can be charged via:

  • 12V service battery using optional USB-C charger cable clamps
  • Solar panels using CTEK's optional solar panel charge kit
  • 12V accessory plug

Milwaukee Tool
M12 Heated Toughshell and Quietshell Jackets
Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool introduced a new generation in the company’s lineup of Heated Gear with the redesigned M12 Heated Toughshell and Quietshell jackets. Both jackets feature an advanced heat technology system, designed to outlast and exceed the wearer’s experience in cold climate conditions.

The next generation of M12 Heated Toughshell jackets deliver heat built to last with re-engineered Toughshell Stretch Polyester that offers 80% more stretch and 5X longer life. The jackets offer better mobility and flexibility while being lightweight and comfortable. The next-generation M12 Heated Quietshell Jacket delivers heat built for silent movement with Quietshell Stretch Polyester that reduces noise from movement and provides wind and water resistance. The jacket combines durable and lightweight carbon-fiber heating elements with Realtree Edge camouflage pattern for use in wooded environments. With three times faster heat, the next-generation heated Toughshell and Quietshell jackets fully heat-up in 2.5 minutes and are designed with new inner lining material that optimizes heat transfer to the user. Both jackets feature the unique new battery pass-through that allows for battery placement in the front or back pocket. The pass-through provides improved comfort by allowing users to relocate the battery to a more optimal location based on the situation. Both heated jackets are powered by an M12 Redlithium 3.0 battery, allowing for 50% more run-time over the previous generations, and feature an advanced heat technology system.

Steele Rubber Products
’68–’73 Nisan/Datsun 510
Datsun 510