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New PRI Membership Program Unites Racing Industry

By Juan Torres

The PRI Membership program will make it possible for racers
and enthusiasts to join racing businesses in a groundbreaking
movement to protect and grow the industry.

Performance Racing Industry (PRI), producer of world-class trade events and media, is launching the racing industry’s first-of-its-kind Membership program on July 13. This will make it possible for racers and enthusiasts to join racing businesses in a groundbreaking movement to protect and grow the industry.

PRI Membership allows the racing community to showcase their passion and pride for the industry. By uniting the industry, PRI is actively working to address challenges and needs, such as providing support for racetracks to prevent them from closing, advocacy for the racing community against current legal threats and educational programs that help businesses and racers succeed.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that the racing community unite to protect our businesses and racing rights,” said PRI President Dr. Jamie Meyer. “PRI‘s Membership program now allows individuals to join the movement to push back against challenges facing our industry and continue to support motorsports.”

More than 300 businesses in the racing industry have already joined the groundbreaking Membership program since it was first offered to PRI Trade Show exhibitors in March. Several companies have also extended their commitment to support the racing industry for a minimum of 10 years by becoming PRI Founding Members. Now, individual racers, enthusiasts and fans are invited to join the PRI Membership to become part of the community, and receive a range of exclusive benefits.

PRI Membership offers different levels of benefits and starts at only $40 per year for a Pro membership. Features and benefits include:

  • Entrance to PRI Show for Qualified Attendees.
  • Save Our Racecars Advocacy: Contribute to the fight to protect the racing community, and ensure racing continues and grows in the United States and internationally.
  • Inclusion in the Performance Racing Political Action Committee.
  • 10% Discount on PRI Merchandise.
  • 12 Issues of PRI Magazine Digital Edition.
  • Subscription to the PRI eNewsletter.
  • Posting Access on the PRI Jobs Board.
  • Membership Card and Welcome Packet.
  • PRI Stickers.

PRIThe Membership program is a major part of PRI’s mission to build, promote and protect the racing community. Alongside efforts like the PRI Road Tour, PRI Ambassador Program, and the world’s premier auto-racing trade show—the PRI Trade Show—PRI ensures that the industry continues to grow and succeed.

“We're continuously identifying ways to support the interests of the racing community,” said Meyer. “The Membership program enables us to continue our advocacy efforts at the local, state and federal levels, and provide the industry with legal support, education, research and world-class events and programs.”

By joining the PRI Membership, individuals not only become part of the community to protect racing and gain a suite of benefits, but they also join forces with the newly formed Political Action Committee called the Performance Racing PAC. This new organization under PRI was recently established as a direct way to influence lawmakers and to protect the interests of the racing community. Now more than ever, racing and motorsports face challenges that must be addressed in a united effort to protect the rights of racers, racing businesses and the entire community.

“The racing industry is joining forces like never before, and we invite everyone—racers, enthusiasts, builders, track operators, sanctioning bodies and businesses—to be a part of this movement,” said Meyer. “This is the time to come together and unite.”

Enrollment in PRI Membership will launch alongside attendee registration for the 2021 PRI Show. For more information, visit