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BOLT Locks
'21 Ford F-150 Pickups With Center-Cut Key

Owners of the '21 Ford F-150 pickup can now take advantage of the added security and convenience of BOLT Locks. The weatherproof and durable line of BOLT locks for Ford’s recently redesigned light truck are compatible with the model’s center-cut keys and add an extra layer of protection when securing trailers as well as valuable gear. The ease of using the truck’s ignition key in a variety of BOLT Lock applications streamlines vehicle security for F-150 owners, whether using their truck for work, sport or family fun.

BOLT Lock’s patented one-key lock technology eliminates the need for a key ring full of keys to operate each different lock. Once the ignition key is inserted into the BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers are moved into alignment, making the cylinder coded to only that key. The cylinder becomes locked when the key is removed for superior defense against tampering or theft.

BOLT’s “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” is available in a 5/8” Receiver Lock (Part 7040474), Coupler Pin Lock (Part 7040481), Padlock (Part 7040469), Cable Lock (Part 7040476), Off Vehicle Coupler Lock (Part 7040477), Locking Recovery Hook (Part 7040482) as well as a separate Lock Cylinder (Part 7039770).

Go Rhino
Suite of Side Steps for New '21 Ford Bronco
Gho Rhino

Go Rhino is proud to announce the availability of side steps and running boards for the new full-size, 4-door 2021 Ford Bronco SUV, including the popular RB running boards. The aggressive, cab-length design of the RB10 and RB20 boards and choice of finish (textured black powder coat or rugged bedlliner coating) make it Go Rhino’s perennial bestseller.

The Dominator Xtreme series features clean lines, modern styling and punched, galvanized step plates that can be painted for increased customization. The D1 features a single, full-length, drop-down step that allows users to access raised vehicles and provides rocker panel protection. The D2 features two hoop steps to make entry and exit easy. The Dominator Xtreme D6, DS and DSS are sliders with a full-length outer rub rail. The D6 features a 6-inch wide step area for greater stability and grip; the DS has two step plates that can be mounted in different locations; and the DSS is a traditional slider with a single full-length step plate that can be removed for off-roading.

Go Rhino’s classic OE Xtreme and 1000 Series are also available for the Ford Bronco. These include the 4- and 5-inch oval steps and the 5-inch low profile steps in textured black powder coat or polished steel.

Steele Rubber Products
Nissan 300ZX Weatherstripping, Seals, Hood to Cowl and Hood to Radiator Parts
Steele Rubber

Steele Rubber Products now offers an extended product line for the 1990-96 Nissan 300ZX. This line includes weatherstripping and seals for T-tops, trunks, hood to cowl and hood to radiator parts.

Steele Rubber Products is a family owned business and a well-known name in the automotive restoration industry. For more than 60 years, Steele Rubber has been manufacturing high-quality weatherstripping for classic cars, trucks and hot rods, and they continue to make hard-to-find components for auto enthusiasts.

  • Hood to Radiator Seal #70-4524-43
  • Hood to Cowl Seal #70-4533-43
  • T-top Side Weatherstrip- Coupe Only #70-4525-68
  • T-top Main Weatherstrip- Coupe Only #70-4526-68
  • T-top Side Weatherstrip- 2+2 Only #70-4527-68
  • Trunk Weatherstrip- Coupe Only #70-4528-85
  • Trunk Weatherstrip- 2+2 Only #70-4529-85

Features and benefits:

  • Designed from factory originals and made specifically for 1990-96 Nissan 300ZX cars.
  • Seals are fully molded so they look and fit just like the originals.
  • Made from high quality EPDM rubber which has higher ozone and UV resistance and better overall performance than original rubber.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Expanded Analog and CAN Radio Platforms

Continental has expanded its single DIN radio line with advanced radio platforms engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality, style, and functionality.

Continental radios are built for durability and reliability under rugged use and vibration and are designed for easy installation on small and medium trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, off highway vehicles, buses and motorcoaches, recreational vehicles, campers, and trailers.

Continental offers both analog and CAN platforms for 12V and 24V applications. The radios are available with a variety of different feature options, including AM/FM Worldwide RDS-Receiver, DAB tuner, Bluetooth, MP3/WMA playback, CD player, USB, mix audio input, 30-day clock, non-volatile memory for settings and sound presets, ISO 104787 connector, and additional auxiliary inputs.

OE and retrofit applications
For OE and retrofit, the innovative CAN designs offer a systems approach that allows for perfect integration with vehicle controls and other HMI devices via CAN J1939. With display or Black box version, the units allow for use with steering wheel or armrest controls, integration with existing displays, and Bluetooth capability.

Aftermarket replacement or upgrade
The functional design and exceptional sound quality of Continental’s analog models make them an ideal choice for replacement or upgrade in any aftermarket application. The radios are designed with an intuitive interface, along with large buttons and turn keys with grip for ease of use and straightforward access to a sophisticated range of functionality and user features.

Speakers and antennas
Continental offers a wide range of AM/FM antennas for roof or windscreen mounting, along with various lengths of extension cables from 1.5 to 2.8 m and adapters for wide application coverage. Continental’s speaker line is designed to provide excellent and consistently dynamic sound quality with all Continental radios in a wide variety of applications. The speakers are available in 100mm and 130mm diameter sizes and sold as pairs with grilles.

Low Profile In-Tank Brushless Fuel Pumps

Aeromotive has announced that all Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pumps are now available with an optional 90-degree outlet port for improved clearance of the top hat without restricting fuel flow.

The new 90-degree option is available for every Aeromotive Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pump including the A1000, Eliminator, and Spur Gear 3.5, 5.0, 7.0 or 10.0 pumps. The overall height of the pump with the 90-degree outlet has been reduced by three inches over traditional pumps plumbed with a 90-degree hose fitting, measuring at just 11-1/2 inches in height from the bottom of the cell to the top of the pump outlet port, and eliminates the need for an additional 90-degree hose fitting from the top of the pump (outlet). The 90-dregree outlet fuel pumps are available as a direct drop-in or pre-installed in a 6-, 10-, 15- or 20-gallon Aeromotive fuel cell.

Every Brushless Fuel Pump comes with a remote fuel pump controller with Aeromotive’s True Variable Speed (TVS) technology. The TVS Controller decreases fuel pump speed during low-load, light-throttle periods, reducing current draw and pump cycle rate which results in cooler fuel temperatures and improved fueling system efficiency.