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New Products From Steele Rubber, Brass Knuckle Garage and More

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Brass Knuckle Garage
Vader Combo
Brass Knuckle Garage

The Vader Combo from Brass Knuckle is one of the coolest, best-fitting, most fog-free protective eyewear on the market. The Vader Combo is ideal for construction, water departments, grinding and more.

The Vader Combo joins Brass Knuckle’s Vader splash goggle with an integrated face shield, offering 180-degree peripheral vision and face coverage. It exceeds the industry’s most stringent anti-fog standard. Its ANSI-rated, military-style splash goggle includes N-FOG anti-fog coating, a durable anti-scratch treatment, and is D3-rated for droplet and splash protection.

The Vader Combo Provides 99.9% UV protection and fits over most prescription eyeglasses. It meets demanding industry test requirements (ANSI Z87.1+, EN166K, EN166N, EN166UV) and meets or exceeds AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 for eye and face protection.

Chevy SB/BB Tall Block Cam Sync Plug

MSD’s cam sync plugs are the perfect solution when running an aftermarket sequential EFI system with coil-per-cylinder ignition. The cam sync plug installs in place of a traditional distributor, providing a hall-effect cam sync signal needed for the EFI system to reference the # 1 cylinder.

MSD's cam sync is a plug and play with Holley EFI systems and can easily interface with most aftermarket EFI systems. The cam sync plug will have 2-3/4-in. of adjustment.
PN: 85142

Color-Matching Bottles

Permatex unveiled a new color-matching packaging design for its popular line of threadlockers. The key component of the new design is the new color-matching bottle, which reflects the color and application strength of the threadlocking formula inside.

Permatex has incorporated the new color-matching bottles for the following SKUs in its Red, Blue and Orange threadlocker lines: High Strength Threadlocker Red 6 ml, 10 ml, 36 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml; High Temperature Threadlocker Red 10 ml; Cup/Core Threadlocker Red 36 ml; Large Diameter Threadlocker Red 36 ml; Permanent Strength Threadlocker Red 6 ml and 10 ml; and High Strength Removable Threadlocker Orange 5g Gel, 10 ml, and 36 ml. All of the Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue SKUs are already packaged in blue bottles.

Steele Rubber Products
’58 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrips

Steele Rubber Products has unveiled a new part for ’58 Chevrolet Impala Convertible—Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrips.

The Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip set is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. This six-piece set fits on the folding roof of the vehicle to seal the side windows when fully raised.

  • Made from high-quality EPDM rubber which has higher ozone and UV resistance and better overall performance than original rubber.
  • Fully molded from top-quality rubber-over-steel core inserts to ensure durability and proper sealing.
  • Reproduction is designed from the original part to fit correctly.
  • This reproduction set replaces factory #4724608 / 09 (Front), #4724159 / 60 (Center) and #4724031 / 4724032 (Rear).
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
PN: 70-4102-65

2-In.-Wide Magnetic Tape Spool

Polyvance offers two sizes of 2-in.-wide aluminum tape for holding broken plastic parts together while the parts are repaired with a plastic welder or adhesive. The tape is susceptible to being damaged if dropped on the shop floor, however.

To protect this valuable tape from damage and to keep it handy for easy access, Polyvance is now offering the 2-in. Tape Thing magnetic tape spool from Collision Edge. The product was designed to hold and protect masking tape, but it works perfectly to hold the Polyvance 6482 and 6485 aluminum tapes, too.

The 6480 2-in. magnetic tape spool is inserted inside the core of the aluminum tape. Flexible fingers hold the tape securely to the spool. The flange of the spool has three strong magnets imbedded inside which allow the spool to stick to any metal surface, like the side of the Polyvance Nitro-Fuzer nitrogen plastic welder. This protects the tape from being dropped and allows the user to easily spool off a length of tape when needed.
PN: 6480