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Be There to Reconnect! Reserve Your Show Booth Space by May 7

By SEMA Editors

Submit your company’s application and deposit by May 7 to be eligible to participate in the 2021 SEMA Show Space Selection process. Taking place June 7–23, companies will select the best locations for their SEMA Show display needs based on exhibitor seniority.

The 2021 SEMA Show will mark nearly two years since members of the automotive specialty-equipment market have seen one another, together. Reunite with your customers and colleagues at the Show, and shine the spotlight on your company in front of tens of thousands of qualified buyers looking for the best that the market has to offer.

In addition to buyers, the Show also attracts thousands of traditional media and social-media influencers ready to let the rest of the world know about your products and applications, opening up even more sales opportunities well after the Show concludes.

Access SEMA's worldwide network and create more opportunities to sell. Be there to reconnect at the 2021 SEMA Show, Tuesday-Friday, November 2-5, Las Vegas.

To participate in the Priority Space Selection process, reserve your spot for 2021 at

Below are key dates that SEMA Show exhibitors are encouraged to mark on their calendars.

  • The Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM) will be live in May. The ESM contains all of the forms and applications required to prepare for the Show: feature vehicles, new products, booth vehicles, celebrity appearances, etc.
  • The Exhibit Space Rental Application and deposit are due May 7.
  • Dates for the SEMA Show Space Selection: June 7–23

For additional information about exhibiting at the SEMA Show, visit