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New Products From Premium Guard, DiabloSport and More

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Aeromotive Inc.
Direct Drop-in Module for ’82–’97 Camaro

Aeromotive Inc. has developed direct drop-in fuel pump modules for the ’82–’92 and ’93–’97 Chevrolet Camaro. The modules deliver the proper amount of fuel for high-performance street and racing applications and are designed specifically for the factory tanks.

The modules are available in two configurations for each generation, ’82–’92 and ’93–’97: 200 liters-per-hour (LPH) and 340 LPH. Both feature a factory-sized outlet cap to maintain fitment with the OEM fuel tank and fuel/electrical bulkheads all pre-installed. Outlet and return ports along with electrical terminals are positioned in the OEM location for easy installation, requiring no modifications to the tank. During installation, -06 AN fuel outlet and return lines need to be plumbed in lieu of OEM fuel lines in addition to upgraded wiring to power the larger fuel pump.

The 200-LPH fuel pumps are capable of supporting naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 600 hp and forced-induction gasoline applications up to 450 hp. The 200-LPH fuel pump is not compatible with E85 ethanol applications. For those trying to maximize horsepower, the 340-LPH fuel pump can support naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 850 hp, naturally aspirated E85 ethanol applications up to 595 hp, forced-induction gasoline applications up to 700 hp and forced-induction E85 ethanol applications up to 490 hp.
’82–’92 and ’93–’97 Chevrolet Camaro 200 LPH, PN: 18071, 18072
’82–’92 and ’93–’97 Chevrolet Camaro 340 LPH, PN: 18073, 18074

Malco Products, SBC
7-8 Millimeter C-RHEX Drivers

Malco Products, SBC announced the expansion of its best-selling line of C-RHEX cleanable, reversible magnetic hex drivers to include 7- and 8mm hex sizes. These new millimeter models will be available in three lengths: 2 in., 4 in. and 6 in.

Malco's classic dual-sided 1/4-in. and 5/16-in. C-RHEX drivers allow users to quickly change between popular hex sizes and eliminate troublesome buildup of sheetmetal shavings with the swipe of a glove or towel. Available in four lengths, C-RHEX drivers are quick to set up and change between sizes while the driver shank remains installed in the drill chuck.

Since the initial introduction, the C-RHEX line now includes the new 7- and 8mm hex sizes, in addition to the existing 8- and 10-millimeter; 6- and 8mm; 5/16- and 3/8-in.; and 1/4- and 5/16-in. drivers.

Premium Guard
Mobile App and e-Catalog
Premium Guard

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) has released a new, advanced mobile app and e-catalog for its line of automotive filters at The new catalog features intuitive and robust search functionality for easier application lookup and parts search. Designed to help users easily identify the exact part needed for their application, the e-catalog offers three search options: Classic Search, Dynamic Search, and VIN Number Search.

The catalog covers all of Premium Guard’s extensive filtration product line including oil, air, cabin, fuel and transmission filters, as well as ancillary product needed to perform a proper and complete service such as oil filter housing caps, drain plugs and wiper blades.

’21 Ram 6.4L Hemi Supported on Pulsar 32454

DiabloSport has announced that the most innovative tuning solution for late-model Ram trucks is now available for the ’21 Ram 2500/3500 6.4L Hemi models. Pulsar, 32454, offers on-the-fly tuning, with eight preset levels to choose from. Power levels and options are changed right through your factory steering wheel controls. From increased horsepower and torque, to the ability to adjust tire size or gear ratio, Pulsar offers the features you want for your ’21 Ram 6.4L truck.

Feature list:

  • Adjust power levels on-the-fly (eight total levels) with steering wheel controls.
  • Displays power level on your dash.
  • Gains of up to 25 hp and 40 lb.-ft. torque (peak).
  • Calibrate speedometer for tire size (29 in.–59 in.) and gear ratio (2.00-5.99) changes.
  • Enable/Disable Multi Displacement System (MDS).
  • Revamped throttle pedal sensitivity mapping for improved drivability.
  • Optimized ignition timing for better throttle response and fuel efficiency.
  • Improves towing performance, fuel economy and overall driving experience.
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.

MAHLE Motorsport
Ford 5.2L VooDoo Drop-in Forged PowerPak Piston Kit

MAHLE Motorsport’s latest addition to its Ford Modular piston assemblies now includes the Ford 5.2L VooDoo Drop-in Forged PowerPak Piston Kit. Machined and inspected with the same stringent standards by MAHLE Motorsport North America, this forged replacement piston is available as a drop-in, ready-to-run assembly that requires no rebalancing or compression ratio change.

The pistons are designed to accept either the OE rod with tapered small end, or an aftermarket rectangular rod. They are dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL coating for reduced drag and wear, and feature hard anodized top ring grooves for maximum durability and to protect against micro-welding. 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm factory PTWA bore-compatible performance rings are also included. The 7.8cc crown design has a compression ratio of 12.0 to 1 based on a 57cc head volume, and calculated at .012-in. below deck and a .039-in. head gasket thickness. The PowerPak piston kit comes complete with pins and clips, and can be purchased through any MAHLE Motorsport distributor.
PN: 930258401