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New Products From Milwaukee Tool, BDS, PPE and More

By SEMA Editors

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Oracle Lighting
Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Gladiator JT
Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Gladiator JT

Oracle Lighting announced the launch of the new Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Gladiator JT (PN: 5878-504). Scheduled to release April 20, the new reverse lights have an MSRP of $149.95 per pair. Replace the factory bumper reflectors with Oracle’s high-output auxiliary LED reverse lights. The design seamlessly integrates into the bumper's reflector area to provide more than 1,500 additional lumens when backing up.

Designed for function and durability, the lights feature an aluminum housing with PMMA lens, while also maintaining the rear reflector function with a scaled-down version integrated into the housing. These compact lights pack a big punch with a total of 30 high-powered LEDs to improve your Gladiator’s reverse visibility. The lights come ready to install out of the box, ensuring that you will have rear visibility in your Jeep Gladiator when it matters. Installation uses factory mounting hardware, and the lights tie into the rear light wiring with the included T-taps or with the optional Plug-and-Play adapter (PN: 5881-504) for even easier installation.

Additional features and specifications include:

  • Connects to existing reverse light power source without error code.
  • Integrated rear reflector for OE appearance and function.
  • Total of 30 high-powered LEDs with 3,000 raw Lumen output.
  • Aluminum housing with black powdercoat finish.
  • Optic-focused beam pattern for an extended field of view.

PN: 5878-504

Milwaukee Tool
Knee Pads

Milwaukee Tool is adding Knee Pads to its personal protective equipment offering. The new Knee Pad Lineup comes in a variety of cap styles, including Free-Flex, Hard Cap Gel, Performance, Non-Marring Performance and Stabilizer Performance. These solutions are thoughtfully designed to provide all-day comfort on the jobsite and are EN14404 tested.

Free-Flex Knee Pads: The Free-Flex Knee Pads are constructed with a lightweight, comfortable foam that allows users to easily move around the jobsite. They are built with a water-resistant cap and adjustable straps for easy and quick size adjustments.

Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads: The Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads are built with a secure gel zone to provide better comfort and create a contoured fit to the user’s knees. Constructed with thick comfortable foam and durable caps, these knee pads are designed for extended wear and can withstand a variety of surfaces.

Performance Knee Pads: The Performance Knee Pads provide maximum comfort and deliver the longest life. These knee pads are constructed with pressure-reducing foam that maintains its shape for extended wear and layered gel that absorbs pressure and supports the knee for all-day kneeling. To withstand changing jobsite conditions, the knee pads are complete with a robust, durable cap. Non-Marring Performance Knee Pads are also available for applications on sensitive surfaces.

Stabilizer Performance Knee Pads: The Stabilizer Performance Knee Pads are equipped with large flat caps, making them the most stable knee pads for working in stationary locations and layered gel that absorbs pressure to support the knee during all-day kneeling. These knee pads are built with a hinged thigh strap for better mobility, allowing the user to easily move around the jobsite.


Dana Incorporated
Ultimate Dana Kingpin Knuckle Kits


Dana Incorporated launched its new Ultimate Dana Kingpin Knuckle Kits

Dana Incorporated

in conjunction with the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Only available from Dana, the kits include all of the top-quality components required to install a kingpin assembly for more robust off-road performance on Jeep vehicles.

The kits feature an updated knuckle design that delivers added strength to the axle while improving turning radius and steering. Available for Jeep JK, JL and JT models, the Ultimate Dana kingpin knuckle kits are the newest addition to the Dana builder axle program.

The 2021 Easter Jeep Safari was held March 27–April 4, in Moab, Utah. Dana had six of its branded vehicles on-site, including the Jeep vehicle, which has been upgraded with the Ultimate Dana Kingpin Knuckle. In addition, Dana was the official sponsor of three of the Easter Jeep Safari trails, and members of the Dana sales and engineering teams were on site to interact with Jeep owners and answer questions about Dana products.


PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering)
304 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for GM and Ford

The 304 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems is for drivers who want their trucks to sound better and get better performance, while not being annoying to drive day-to-day. This kit offers a mellow interior tone with an aggressive sound on the exterior.

Easy to install, the kits use the factory hangers and clear the factory-mounted spare tire. A single, 3-in. inlet pipe splits into two, 2.5-in. over-axle tailpipes after the stainless steel muffler containing reinforced internal baffles. Exhaust then exits the two large-diameter stainless-steel tips. Tips are available in a ceramic-coated black or polished finish. A fully polished kit with brightly polished tubes, muffler and tips is also available.


  • 304 stainless steel exhaust tubes and mufflers available in raw or polished finish.
  • Tips available in ceramic coated black or fully polished.
  • Easy, bolt-on upgrade.
  • Complete with all fasteners, 304 stainless-steel clamps and hangers.


Billet Timing Pointer and Degree Wheel

Billet timing pointer and degree wheel for SB and BB Chevy, including supercharged engines. Timing degree wheel is only 1/16-in. thick, with a diameter of 7 in. Add 0.050 thousands thick in spacing, black anodized and Lazer Etched degree wheel installs between the first V- pulley and the crank hub. Provides marks every 2 degrees, with larger marks every 10 degrees. Using this degree wheel and application-specific pointer eases the chore of setting the ignition timing.

PN: CH-3199KB Timing Pointer and Crank Hub Degree Ring Kit (BB)
PN: CH-3199KS  Timing Pointer and Crank Hub Degree Ring Kit (SB)

Red Poly-7 Racing Grease

Champion Brands has recently introduced a professional-grade Poly-7 Red Racing Grease for high-speed competition and racing applications.

Champion Poly-7 Red Racing Grease (PN: 4053T/40 -14 oz.) is red in color, a NLGI #2 classification, tacky, multi-purpose, and high-temperature grease that incorporates polymer technology, premium additive technology, hydro-treated base oils, calcium sulfonate, and a lithium complex thickening system. Its unique chemistry prevents melting and breakdown of the grease at temperatures more than 500°F.

These additive and polymer technologies ensure for the racer maximum lubricity, adhesion, resistance to water wash-out and defiance to sling-off. Strong tackiness additives keep this grease in place under high pitch line speeds, and provide ease of application.


Edge Products
Pulsar V3 + Insight CTS3 Kits

The all-new, redesigned L5P Duramax Pulsar V3, with the addition of an industry-leader in digital gauges provides a potent power-plus-visibility combo. The Insight CTS3 has a high-res, 5-in. color touch screen with full swipe capability and edge-to-edge graphics. When the Pulsar V3 and the CTS3 Insight are paired, users gain full control over the Pulsar, including power-level adjustment, transmission-slip protection on/off, EGT backdown adjustment, high-idle adjustment, throttle-sensitivity adjustment and more.

Pulsar V3 + Insight CTS3 Features

  • Up to 136 hp and 293 lb-ft. to the tires.
  • Transmission Slip Protection (On/Off).
  • Turbo Timer—Time and EGT (’17-’19 L5P only).
  • EGT Backdown Adjustment.
  • Throttle-Sensitivity Adjustment.
  • Cold-Engine Backdown – Enable/Disable.
  • Shift Backdown—Enable/Disable.
  • High-Idle Adjustment – (’17-’19: 700-1100 RPM) (’20-’21: 700-1500 RPM).
  • On-The-Fly adjustable levels with the touch of a button.
  • Full-color, 5-in. capacitive touch screen with auto-dimming.
  • Offers crystal-clear data at your fingertips.
  • Highly customizable gauges and backgrounds.
  • Boot up directly to gauge screen upon key cycle.
  • Read/clear trouble codes.
  • Full data monitoring.
  • Data logging.
  • Expandable accessory system.
  • Wi-Fi updatable.