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2021 Easter Jeep Safari Cancelled

By SEMA Editors

Note: Red Rock 4-Wheelers released an update February 4 regarding the 2021 Easter Jeep Safari.

The Red Rock 4 Wheelers have announced the cancellation of the traditional Easter Jeep Safari for 2021. This includes all of the trail rides and other related activities associated with the Safari.

This action has been taken as a result of the State of Utah’s Health order in relation to COVID-19, which at the present time does not allow any group assembly in excess of 250 people.

This is the high-risk portion of the health order. If the statistics show a downward trend in the spread of COVID-19, the county could move to the moderate level. Under the moderate level, the limit for a group activity is 1,000.

Under the Grand County special event permit requirements, the state limits must be followed.

In a meeting with the Grand County administrator and Grand County Attorney to review the ordinance, it was determined that there was no wiggle room to the limits.

Because of the uncertainty of the risk level at Safari time, Red Rock 4 Wheelers determined that the prudent course of action was to cancel the event.

For more information, visit the Red Rock 4 Wheelers website.