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Media Receive Important Updates for Media Trade Conference

By John Santos

All media who are signed up for the 2021 MPMC Media Trade Conference should have received a confirmation email with important details about the event earlier this week.

More than 140 media representatives are signed up to participate in the 24th annual MPMC Media Trade Conference, January 26–28. Taking place entirely online for the first time as a virtual event, the 2021 conference is the best way for journalists, reporters and freelancers to connect with motorsports manufacturers in live, video meetings for quality media interviews.

The email that was sent out earlier this week provides details about the personalized schedules that are being created for each media group, based on the requests that have been made during the application process.

Media who believe they should have received a confirmation email but did not, or those who have not signed up but would like to participate, are urged to contact Della Domingo at dellad@sema.org immediately.

For more information about the event, visit the MPMC Media Trade Conference website.