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SEMA PAC 101: How Does a SEMA Member Join SEMA PAC?

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

With a new president and congress taking power in January, it’s critical that SEMA members consider joining SEMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) to ensure the industry has a voice in the political process.

By law, SEMA is not allowed to use association funds to impact the electoral process. That’s where SEMA PAC comes in. It allows members of the industry to pool their personal resources to ensure that those elected have our back. In other words, SEMA PAC helps the industry build relationships with the power brokers in Washington.

However, the rules and regulations governing trade association PACs like SEMA’s are often confusing and contradictory. To help cut through the noise, SEMA PAC is launching a series of PAC 101 videos aimed at dispelling the common myths and misconceptions associated with getting involved. Watch and share the video below to find out just how painless it is to join SEMA PAC.

Government rules require SEMA PAC to get each member company’s permission before it can ask for support. It’s a painless process known as becoming “PAC approved” and it only takes minutes. Head to www.semapac.org and sign up for free. In fact, when you log on, the form is partially filled out for you. As always, becoming PAC-approved does not obligate you to contribute.

For more information, contact Christian Robinson at christianr@sema.org.