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SEMA Data Co-op Reviews New PIMS User Interface at SEMA360

By Douglas McColloch

The SEMA Data Co-op’s new PIMS user interface, which was reviewed today at SEMA360, is designed to help member manufacturers manage and maintain their product data more easily and to enable resellers to maximize online sales.   

Last September, the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) announced that it had acquired PartsHub, a cloud-based product-data management company that offers catalog management solutions designed to enhance a manufacturer’s ability to create and update industry-standardized product information, regardless of their product data knowledge or expertise. The PartsHub acquisition was intended to make the SDC’s Product Information Management System (PIMS) simpler, more accessible and more user-friendly for SDC member companies.

On Day 1 of SEMA360, the SDC reviewed a brand-new user interface for its redesigned online PIM system. It’s intended to fully integrate data from both organizations, intuitive in design, and easier to navigate than the previous version. The SDC management team gave viewers a digital walk-through of the new system, along with explaining how it can help resellers “sell smarter” and maximize online profits. The walk-through took place part during a seminar that can be viewed at the SEMA360 Industry Education page. Among the features of the new interface are enhanced search functions, an option for resellers to view recommended brands based on their type of business, and new plug-ins allowing SDC resellers greater download access to WooCommerce and Shopify. A demo version of the new interface is online at

The SEMA Data Co-op is the largest aftermarket industry data resource—representing more than 500 brands with a collective inventory of more than 4.5 million parts—and its unique approach to data management and file transfer can make exports available in any format a member requires. Whether the need is for complete PIES & ACES XML files or a custom-designed spreadsheet, SDC can provide it. For more information on the new PIM system, visit