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16 Great New Products From SEMA360

By SEMA Editors

With the launch of SEMA360, an online ecommerce solution for the aftermarket, comes the best new products of the aftermarket. For those of you experiencing difficulty deciding which of the more than 2,000 products to choose from, here is a list to jump start your experience.

Vortech Superchargers 2020 Ford 5.0L Mustang GT Supercharger System

Vortech Vortech Superchargers carries on with their dominant line of Centrifugal Superchargers, adding another 50-State Legal complete system for the 2020 Ford 5.0L Mustang GT. Utilizing the venerable V-3 JT-Trim supercharger and an air-to-air charge cooler, the complete system can boost a stock 5.0 GT to 692HP and 584 LB/FT Torque with 7.5 to 8.5 PSI using CA 91 Octane fuel. From complete 50-State emissions-legal systems to highly modified Coyote engine Tuner kits and with over 30 years’ experience building well engineered, efficient and reliable Superchargers, Vortech has your Mustang covered.

2020 Ford 5.0L Mustang GT SC System Features Include:

V-3 JT-Trim Supercharger with 3.60-in. Drive Pulley
Supplied Livernois Programmer (5A003-150) re-flashes the ECM with a Safe, Custom Vortech Tune using 91 Octane Fuel
Air Inlet Assembly include; High Flow Roto Molded Ducting, OEM replacement K&N Panel Filter, Silicone Sleeves and Reducers and Stainless-Steel Clamps
Discharge Components include; Welded Air to Air Charge Cooler, Vortech Maxflow Race Blow Off Valve with Filter, Mandrel Bent Aluminum Charge Tubes, Silicone Sleeves & Stainless-Steel Clamps.
Billet Aluminum and Steel Supercharger Mounting Bracket Assembly includes; idlers, drive belt and high-grade hardware
Fuel System Upgrades include; Fuel Rail Spacers, High Flow Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pump Voltage Booster
50 State Legal, CARB EO: D-213-40

SATA Offers Special Edition Spray Gun

SATASATA spray guns do not only inspire with their stunning aesthetics, they deliver with their cutting-edge engineering. The inner workings of a SATA spray gun is something that many wish to see – and now you can! The SATAjet X 5500 Bionic reveals the unseen technology that makes your SATA spray gun so special.

The special edition spray gun SATAjet X 5500 Bionic is fully functional and suitable for the daily use in the spray booth. Reserve your Special Edition spray gun with your SATA dealer now! Available in Standard (non-digital) version, in HVLP and RP technology, I & O nozzles.




Fluidampr Offers Newest Performance Dampers

FluidamprVisit the SEMA360 new product showcase for this year’s hot new product releases. Including a revision to our popular Toyota 2JZ damper, plus full-on performance diesel competition dampers for the 5.9L/6.7L Cummins engine, and our first ever Pro Pulling tractor damper.

Fluidampr performance dampers provide optimum performance and durability by controlling destructive crankshaft torsional vibration. Install whenever engine modifications are made to help reduce wear on critical internal components. Features high quality, long lasting viscous silicone damper technology. No tuning or maintenance required. SFI 18.1 certified. Available through quality performance parts retailers and distributors. Visit or call 716-592-1000 to locate a dealer near you. Made in the USA.

Join the Fluidampr team on-line at SEMA360. Chat with tech support staff. Grab a copy of the latest catalog and educational materials. Watch featured damper & influencer videos. Hang out for a Learn @ Lunch with Fluidampr presentation. Everything you’d expect at a traditional tradeshow booth, moved on-line.

AWEAWE 4.5-in. S-FLO Closed Carbon Intake System for Audi

The S-FLO Closed Carbon Intake System combines each component of the S-FLO suite and adds a bespoke 2x2 carbon air box that spans the entire width of the grille.

Paired with a 30% increase in filter surface area, and 4.5 inlet tube, the S-FLO Closed Carbon Intake System unlocks a dyno-verified gain 17 hp and 6 lb.-ft. of torque at the wheels.

Supreme Suspensions All New 1.6-in. Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Kit

Supreme Suspension Introducing Supreme Suspensions all new 1.6-in. Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Kit, available in 2pc and 4pc kits. Hit the trail with Confidence, and take your off-road adventures to a new level knowing that Supreme Suspensions has got your back. This ratchet tie-down strap kit made from professional-grade, high-tensile polyester with triple-stitched webbing, featurse a 1,460-pound safe working load and a 4,400-lb. max break strength to allow you to tie down/rig your heavy loads.

They have an adjustable length of 2-ft. to 10-ft. with included soft loop tie-down straps. Easy-to-use ‘S’ hooks constructed of ASTM equivalent 1045 structural steel will resist deformation and deflection under heavy loads. They are Scratch-Resistant, Waterproof, and UV-protected to allow you to take it anywhere and everywhere you go. Bonus Velcro straps and reusable storage bag are included to conveniently and easily put back together and store your straps! Included in the package are Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with Soft Loops, Velcro Straps, Storage bag, User Guide, Warranty Card, and Supreme Suspensions Sticker.


The Detail Guardz Newest Car Care Tool

Detail GuardzTwo years ago, The Detail Guardz gave you an extremely powerful bucket filter to help prevent swirl-marks and scratches during the wash process, called the “Dirt Lock”. Success worldwide prompted us to build the Dirt Lock pad washer attachment last year that went onto winning the SEMA global media awards. The Dirt Lock pad washer was quickly seen as an engineering marvel and has been adopted as the industry standard to clean polishing pads quickly, safely and affordably. Now this year, we bring to the table our latest Dirt Lock attachment, the “Scrub And Pump.” An extremely powerful and versatile car care tool that allows you to scrub and flush out any wash mitt, brush, clay mitt or other detailing tools, quickly and safely, so you simply do not bring the dirt back onto the car and scratch the surface of the paint. It works on a spring-loaded system that pumps a heavy stream of cleaner water into your wash mitt or tools and sucks the debris safely underneath the filter in just one motion.

Lastly, we have become one of the largest face shield manufacturers in Canada, producing well over 1.3 Million shields! Our Canadian designed and made “Visiera” face shield (washable and reusable) is perfect for keeping the polish out of your eyes all the way to helping to keep you safe from foreign particles during the pandemic.

We look forward to chatting with you soon at our SEMA360 booth!

Max Trac Suspension
Max Trac’20+ Jeep Gladiator (Jt) 4.5-in. Lift Kit

The kit features dual rate front and rear coil springs that are designed to be capable of supporting the weight of any accessories. Included is a forged steel track bar which is constructed to be adjusted. The kit also comes with bump stop extensions, sway bar links, brake line extensions, and twin tube shocks, with Fox 2.0 as an upgrade option.



Retro Manufacturing LLC
Retro ManufacturingDetroit Radio - Motor 4HD

The Detroit Motor 4HD radio is designed to match the ’64–’66 Ford Mustang, Ford Falcon, and Ford Ranchero's interior styling. The new release comes with an updated HD tuner, Bluetooth 5.0, an LCD with adjustable display color, non-volatile memory and two 2.1 amp inputs for fast phone charging.




3M3M Performance Spray Gun System With PPS 2.0, 26778

3M Performance Spray Gun is the industry's lightest. It's built to save time and deliver top performance. Its quick-change replaceable atomizing heads and 3M PPS Series 2.0 Spray Cups speed cleanup, changeovers and cycle times. With nozzle sizes from 1.2 to 2.0, you can spray a full range of coatings with the performance of a premium spray gun.






Quadratec Inc.
QuadratecDiver Down Front & Rear Neoprene Seat Covers for ’18–’20 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited

Diver Down seat covers are cut and patterned to each specific vehicle designed to provide a fit like the original upholstery. Seat covers feature black neoprene backs and sides with your choice of seven great inner panel colors to provide the ultimate interior makeover. Genuine neoprene materials are constructed to provide lasting durability with a soft cushioned feel.



Edelbrock Group
Comp CamsCOMP Cams LST Stage 2 Turbo Camshaft Packages for GM LS 4.8L Engines

COMP Cams adds complete cam packages for GM LS 4.8L turbo applications to its LST (Low Shock Technology) cam series that is designed to be optimized for high RPM power production and boost response.




AEM Performance Electronics
AEMVCU200 EV Control Unit

The VCU200 is constructed to allow for customized torque management strategies for a wide range of EV systems/component combinations. It is engineered to unify the tuning/supervision of all EV systems via a customizable interface, controls a single inverter/motor system, communicates with four independent CANbus networks, and can be used on direct- and indirect-drive setups.




Design Engineering Inc.
DEIPolaris RZR Custom Cut Heat Control Kit

The CNC cut, self-adhesive heat shield kit is constructed to reduce the console and seat temperatures as well as blocking radiant heat in the cup holder and drivers right leg area. The shields are manufactured to increase the riding comfort for ’19–’20 Polaris RZR 900 & 1000.







Litespeed Racing
LitespeedVR20 Three Piece

The VR20 3 piece is custom made in almost any size, offset, bolt pattern, color and available in forged magnesium or forged aluminum or with real carbon fiber barrels from Dymag. Here it is shown in 22x12 et-90 with six-lug configuration for a Ford Raptor.





Big Ass Fans
Big Ass FansSidekick

Sidekick is designed to be an immediate airflow on the go system. Its six-blade design and permanent-magnet motor are constructed to move more air than any barrel fan on the market with quiet, class-leading energy.




Metro Moulded Parts Inc.
Metro MouldedDoor End Cap Filler Seals,70-74 Mopar 'E' Body

Replaces door endcap filler seals on ’70–’74 Mopar 'E' bodies. The rubber compound is engineered to protect against the elements and features steel cores for strength.