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New Products From XClutch, Polyvance, Trick Flow and More

By Fredy Ramirez

SEMA eNews regularly collects new product press releases from companies to highlight each week. Below are this week's submissions.

Oracle Lighting
OracleRear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

Oracle announced that the company’s new Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights will debut during SEMA360. Providing an optic-focused wide-beam pattern for an extended field of vision, these lights offer more than 1,000 additional lumens when backing up at night by using 22 high-powered 3w LEDs. With an MSRP of $99.95, Oracle Lighting is currently taking pre-orders, with plans to ship December 12, 2020.

Oracle Lighting has made it easy to replace the factory bumper reflectors with these high-output replacement auxiliary LED reverse lights. The durable lights feature a cast-aluminum housing, powdercoat finish and clear PMMA lens. Installation uses factory mounting hardware, and the lights tie into the reverse light wiring with the included T-taps. Note: Will not fit Willy’s or Sport models without rear bumper reflectors.

Additional features include:

  • Direct replacement lamp using existing hardware
  • Taps into existing reverse light power source without error code
  • Clean design with OE fitment and appearance
  • 11x 3W LEDs making 1,000Lm output each (theoretical)
  • Optic-focused wide beam pattern for extended field of view

9.5-in. Single Disc Performance Upgrades to suit Golf GTI MK5-7

XclutchXClutch has recently launched new 9.5-in. single disc performance street and motorsport upgrades to suit VW Golf GTI MK5, 6 & 7. The kits have been designed and engineered to offer the ultimate balance between performance and driveability and have been designed around XClutch’s race inspired alloy pressure plate that offers low pedal effort, increased clamping force and low rotational inertia. The upgrades are available with either sprung organic (440 lb.-ft. torque capacity) or sprung ceramic friction disc (670 lb.-ft. torque capacity) and also includes a lightweight 4140 chromoly flywheel, hydraulic release bearing, bolts and alignment tool.

XClutch also offer a range of 9.0-in. twin disc street and Motorsport upgrades for even higher torque capacity and which are also available with both organic and ceramic friction materials. For more information, visit

HunterHeavy-Duty Tire Changer
Hunter releases the TCX635HD model to its heavy-duty tire changer lineup. The tire changer is designed to have 18% more speed and 30% more torque than its previous model. The heavy-duty tire changer features a lower carriage which is constructed to allow for more ergonomic rollups while adding safety to customer tire changing operations. Additionally, the lower carriage is manufactured to deliver an increase of 2-in. in overall tire diameter capability. The gearbox is created to improve durability and increase speed and power.
PN: Vary

WORLD Merlin
CNC Ported Big Block Iron Heads
World MerlinWorld's Merlin announces the availability of its big-block iron cylinder heads with fully CNC-machined ports and chambers. Featuring 365cc intake runners and 128cc chambers with 2.350-in. intake and 1.880-in. exhaust valves, the heads are designed to flow 412 cfm at .700-in. lift and 432 cfm at .900-in. lift. The heads are constructed for marine applications as well as bracket racing and heads-up classes with high-displacement, high-rpm engines.
PN: 030630CNC

Trick Flow
R-Series Tunnel Wedge Intake Manifold
Trick Flow R-Series announces its Tunnel Wedge Intake Manifold for the Ford FE engine. The manifold is designed to maintain the appearance and carburetor locations of the OEM intake but has a modern port design to flow more air than the original Tunnel Wedge, improving power production in the 4,000 to 7,500 rpm range. The Tunnel Wedge intake manifold requires the use of the OEM carburetors designed for the original Ford FE dual-quad intake manifolds as they have the vacuum ports positioned to clear the throttle linkage. You can use C4AF-9510-CU-CV (high-rise) or C5AF-9510-BC-BD (Fairlane/Thunderbolt) Holley 4160 carburetors.
PN: TFS-56400114

PolyvanceTab Magic Molding Putty
Polyvance releases its Tab Magic Molding Putty. The putty is designed to be a flexible, moldable rubber material that helps ease the repair and refinish of complex headlight tabs. The putty is constructed to be a non-toxic and highly temperature-resistant two-component silicone rubber. Totaling 100g of putty, it comes packaged in two individual containers, each with 50g (1.75 oz.) net weight. Equal parts of the white and green components are mixed until a uniform green color is achieved. The mixed putty is then quickly pressed onto the cosmetic side of the headlight tab where it needs to be welded. The rubber is manufactured to cure in about 15 minutes and tightly support the fine details on the top of the headlight tab while the backside is welded. Although Tab Magic Molding Putty is not remoldable, it is made to be reusable on the same type of headlight tab.
PN: 6225

Snow Performance
Snow PerformanceHyper-Sonic Nozzles
Snow Performance announces the release of its Hyper-Sonic water-methanol injection nozzles. Constructed to be 100% methanol-resistant, the design spins the fluid to Hyper-sonic levels before forcing it through two venturi-shaped orifices, to create the Hyper-Sonic micron droplet mist that is the industry leader in water-methanol technology.
PN: Vary

Tuffy Security Products
Tuffy SecurityLockable Firearms Storage for Vehicles
Tuffy Security Products offers many choices for firearms storage, from built-in console safes and under seat lockboxes, to enclosures, drawers and portable safes.
Under seat Lockboxes are large enough to store both shotguns and rifles, while remaining hidden under the seat. They are designed specifically to fit under the rear seat of most pickup truck models using factory hardware with no drilling required for installation.
Console safes fit inside the original equipment center console of most pickups and SUVs to transform this area into heavy duty lockable storage.

Portable safes, available in small, medium and large, are engineered for securing and transporting handguns. Tuffy’s unique system does not require a separate padlock and can be released in seconds to transfer the lockbox between vehicles or locations.

All Tuffy Security Products have a durable, textured powder coat finish.  The company’s exclusive Pry-Guard locking system and 10-tumbler double bitted patented pick resistant locks prevent valuables from being taken by opportunistic thieves. The option of flexible keyless lock-entry for multiple users is also available.