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New Products From Waterman Racing Components, Mopar, Wilwood and More

By Fredy Ramirez

SEMA eNews regularly collects new product press releases from companies to highlight each week. Below are this week's submissions.

Performance Radiator

Mishimoto has released its Performance Aluminum Radiator for the ’98–’07 Toyota Land Cruiser J100 application with 2UZ-FE. The 56mm thick radiator features a two-row core designed for powerful cooling. The radiator includes a 26.5% increase in fluid capacity over stock and a 19% increase in core volume over stock. The kit includes internal transmission cooler to fit with either manual or automatic transmissions and a 1.3-Bar High-Pressure Radiator Cap.



Flame Thrower Coil

PerTronix has released its Flame Thrower Coil for late model GM, Chrysler, and Ford applications. The coils are designed to improve available spark energy 15% for more power, quicker starting, and improved mileage. High-temperature epoxy is constructed to insulate coil windings to prevent voltage breakdown in high temperatures.

PN: Vary

Red Line Synthetic Oil

Red Line Synthetic Oil announces the release of its SuperCool antifreeze/coolant. The coolant is designed to lower coolant temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit while simultaneously protecting against harmful rust and corrosion. The line features SuperCool Performance, a 50/50 prediluted version, and Super Cool Concentrate, for those who prefer to create their own water-to-coolant ratio. Both products are formulated for use in both modern and classic radiators and water pumps. Both coolants’ formulas are engineered to be added to any brand of existing OEM antifreeze/coolant in any make or model.

PN: Vary

Red LIne

Waterman Racing Components
Fuel Pump

Waterman Racing Components introduces a Combo fuel pump to its line of products. With six different gear sizes available, the Combo fuel pump is engineered to work for all types of racing applications, including Dirt Modified, Dirt Late Model, and National Midget. Designed to be capable of supporting all applications demanding a fuel supply between 1.9 gpm to 3.9 gpm, the fuel pump gear sizes come in .150-, .200-, .250-, .300-, .350-, and .400-in. configurations to fit your application's needs. The fuel pump is constructed to be compatible with gasoline, methanol, and ethanol fuels. Inlet and outlet fittings must be purchased separately.

PN: 24603


TRX Line

Mopar announces the release of its product line for the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX. The lineup includes a Ram Bar, off-road LED lights, bed-mounted spare-tire carrier, off-road rock rails, off-road running boards, bed step, beadlock-capable wheel rings and all-weather floor mats. The performance parts and accessories are created in conjunction with the Ram Truck brand engineering and product design teams for development, testing and validation.

PN: Vary

Hot Shot’s Secret
Transmission Fluid

Hot Shot’s Secret introduces its Blue Diamond G56 6-Speed Manual Transmission Fluid. The fluid is formulated to resolve problems associated with the Mercedes-Benz built G56 6-speed manual transmissions, which are commonly found in newer Dodge Ram trucks. Issues such as rough shifting, excessive noise, vibration and high operating temperatures are designed to be resolved by the fluid. The transmission fluid is engineered to provide increased oxidation resistance, thermal stability and protect against deposit and sludge buildup.

PN: Vary

Hot Shot's Secret


Wilwood announces the release of its direct-fit 2.00-in. drop ProSpindles for ’88–’98 Chevrolet and GMC C1500 two-wheel drive pickup trucks. An all iron and steel design with steering arms is designed to improve handling and provide an aggressive stance without affecting steering geometry.

PN: 831-15933


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