What Has SEMA Done for You Lately?

Influencers Will Share SEMA360 Special Guest, New Product and Educational Highlights

By Richard Hail

InfluencersThe SEMA360 Social Media Correspondent Program is a window into the exclusive event through the highlights of up-and-coming and well-known industry influencers.

Only registered attendees of SEMA360 will have access to the line-up of special guests, new product announcements, and more. However, the SEMA Social Media Correspondent Program will be a window into this exclusive event. The growing list of up-and-coming and well-known industry influencers will highlight the best of SEMA360.

Competitive drag racer and past Young Guns judge Alex Taylor has just joined the ranks of the SMC program, and she will share her knowledge of all things drag racing and automotive. Her passion for racing is evident from her ’68 Camaro that she built to be a twin-turbo beast on the track.

“I’m so excited to be included in the Social Media Correspondent Program and am excited to see how SEMA has adapted so quickly to all the changes that have happened this year, and to see how they are working to incorporate new media outlets with this new program”, says Taylor. She continues, “I plan on sharing what I’m currently doing and projects currently in the works, without a whole lot of changes, because I think that helps emphasize how we can effectively and organically work with companies in the industry. I look forward to seeing how this program helps to bridge the gap between companies and the changes happening in media currently. It’s a learning process for both sides!”  

Be sure to follow her down the strip on Instagram @alextaylorracing.

Interested in more truck-focused content? Be sure to check out JW Montoya @jw_montoya. JW is an avid builder and truck enthusiast who is an advocate of all-things Duramax. Montoya shared with us, “We all know 2020 has been ‘different’. SEMA being cancelled is obviously upsetting for most of us, but kudos to SEMA for being proactive and coming up with SEMA360. I’m stoked for this virtual show. I think it’s got a lot of potential and it’ll open up doors for new opportunities”. His YouTube channel features hundreds of videos documenting dozens of builds, product reviews and tips and tricks for customizing your ride.

Connecting buyers and manufacturers from around the world, SEMA360 will feature new product debuts, feature vehicles, and industry-leading educational sessions. Through the Social Media Correspondent (SMC) Program, these niche influencers will curate and create original and relevant content for SEMA360. SEMA360 takes place online November 2-6. Follow all the action and join the conversation at #SEMA360.

SEMA is continuing to recruit active automotive influencers for the SEMA360 Social Media Correspondent program. To be considered, point your browser to www.connect.sema360smc.com.