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SEMA Show and SEMA360: What’s the Same?


By Jason Catullo

SEMA360Day-to-day business production has changed drastically during the past seven months, and specialty-equipment companies have discovered creative ways to keep operations running and adapted to an inconsistent marketplace. In the interest of serving those companies and supporting the association's mission to help member businesses succeed and prosper, SEMA360 was created.

“Each year SEMA Week creates a community exchange of innovation, education and networking that sets the course of business for the following year,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA vice president of events. “During this year’s SEMA Week, Monday-Friday, November 2-6, the amount of content exchange and interaction between manufacturers, buyers and media will again be unmatched.”

There are currently more than 600 manufacturers ready to offer an exclusive look at their newest products, highlight trendsetting vehicles and in-progress project builds, and meet with buyers through SEMA360.

Gattuso has also been contacted by retailers and resellers whose businesses have not stopped moving forward. Neither has the association. While there's no SEMA Show in 2020, SEMA360 was built to provide buyers with a viable marketplace that offers benefits like an in-person trade event.

"Industry buyers and manufacturers have made it clear that a marketplace is needed during this challenging year," said Gattuso. "Attendees will discover that SEMA360 has many of the same benefits and business opportunities as the SEMA Show, with a focus on new product intros, vehicle debuts, networking, and educational sessions."

For buyers and media, planning for SEMA360 is similar to the SEMA Show. For instance, at the SEMA Show, attendees can view a new product display, gather specs and a description, collect pictures and press material, and connect with the manufacturer on the Show floor. The same can be done through SEMA360 in a very efficient manner; including the direct connection to the manufacturer.

Here's a look at some more similarities between the SEMA Show and SEMA360:

  • The dates for SEMA360 and the week of the SEMA Show are the same, beginning Monday November 2, and concluding Friday, November 6.
  • The SEMA Show is open to the trade only. SEMA360 is the same: open to trade only.
  • The SEMA Show features qualified buyers and media. SEMA360 will feature qualified buyers and media.
  • The SEMA Show and SEMAS 360's main buyer benefits and takeaways are the same: finding new products and new ideas. The online platform is anchored with a robust New Products Showcase of more than 1000 products.
  • Industry-leading education sessions will be a main focus of SEMA360 and feature the relevant content participants in the in-person SEMA Show have grown to count on to build their businesses.
  • Vehicles, always a mainstay at the SEMA Show, are featured in a SEMA360 online Builder Showcase and in many of the 600+ Manufacturer Showcases so buyers and media can still spot trends and see products in application.
  • OEMs use the SEMA Show to announce new products, partnerships and initiatives. There are four OEMs ready to do the same this year.
  • Celebrities and notable industry icons are part of the fabric of the in-person Show. SEMA360 will also feature the insights and talents of many of these popular personalities.
  • Show-special deals will be integrated into many of the online manufacturer presentations, just as they are at the in-person SEMA Show.
  • Networking and connecting with industry colleagues can be facilitated as they are at the SEMA Show with virtual public and private meeting rooms with video and chat capability.

While SEMA360 is all online, it has been purpose-built to include the features SEMA Show visitors have grown to expect—all designed to connect the industry and help propel businesses into a successful 2021. Nowhere else will you find the level of industry participation: 600-plus Manufacturer Showcases, a New Products Showcase featuring 1,000 products, a Builder Showcase with hundreds of vehicles, industry-leading education with 50 seminars, and unmatched networking with thousands of industry buyers and media.

If you want to be part of the momentum and energy that is moving the industry forward into 2021, you need to be part of this year’s SEMA Week and you need to be part of SEMA360.