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Ten Tips for Manufacturer Success in SEMA360 

By Della Domingo

SEMA360As with any event, preparation is essential for success. Manufacturers in  SEMA360, the industry’s new online event that is will provide the industry with a B2B environment in the absence of the in-person SEMA Show, can increase their success by preparing in advance of the event taking place, November 2-6.

Here are a few tips to help  SEMA360  manufacturers:  

  1. Include the  SEMA360  logo on your website.
  2. Email your customers directly to personally invite them to visit your Showcase page.  
  3. Announce your participation in social media using #sema360.  
  4. If you have a scheduled product demonstration, guest speaker, expert, special pricing or any plans  from SEMA360 that you want to promote, email Kelly Clancy at  so that we can spread the word to participating buyers.  
  5. Enter the New Products Showcase to bring in new buyers who are browsing the showcase (deadline is October 13, and first four entries are free). 
  6. Enter vehicles into the Builder Showcase to link visitors to your Showcase page  (deadline is October 9).  
  7. Include a good mix of quality photos,  videos  and marketing materials on your Showcase page.  
  8. Schedule roundtable meetings so you can interact and engage with buyers.  
  9. Designate and promote at least one day and time when you staff your Showcase page beyond the recommended hours of 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (PST) to accommodate and reach international buyers. (About 30% of all buyers signed up for SEMA360 are from outside the United States.) 
  10. Set up your Showcase page today. Manufacturers that participated in the recent training on the set up process should have received their login and a comprehensive playbook. Those who did not participate in the training or who did not receive the follow up material should visit

Dedicated SEMA staff are on hand to assist with setting up the Manufacturers Showcase page. For more information, visit  or contact  or 909-396-0289.