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SEMA Data Co-op Expands Data Services Through PartsHub Acquisition

By SEMA Editors

SEMA Data Co-opThe SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) has acquired PartsHub.

The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) has acquired PartsHub—a comprehensive catalog management solution that will enhance a participating manufacturer’s ability to create and update industry standardized product information, regardless of their product data knowledge or expertise.

The SDC is the leading product data service in the specialty equipment aftermarket. Using PartsHub’s expanded product information management (PIM) software, SDC manufacturers will be able to easily organize their data, reach more resellers and sell more products.

"SDC manufacturers typically are not data experts, and they have requested a simple, easy-to-use product information management system,” said Gigi Ho, SDC vice president of operations. "We’re excited to incorporate the PartsHub platform into SDC's system. Users will now have a simplified way to access, visualize and manage their product data, giving them even more control over their information.”

Integrating PartsHub's interface with the SDC product information management system makes it easy for manufacturers to organize and update their data for industry resellers. The updated interface also allows possible datasets that can easily be exported in formats that meet reseller needs.

Additional features include:

  • Cloud-based, all-in-one solution for PIES/ACES/digital assets.
  • In-line edits and real-time validations.
  • Built-in workflows with view only and edit permissions.
  • Import and export to Excel or bulk edit in-app.
  • Receiver-specific scorecards and readiness reports.
  • One-click exports to resellers (XML, XLS, etc.).
  • A well-regarded DIY PIM system with customers scoring PartsHub at 9 out of 10 across criteria of ease-of-use, responsiveness, features and functionality.

PartsHub’s integration with the SDC PIM system will make the transition for current PartsHub customers seamless. They will continue to manage their product data within PartsHub without any rate changes. One-on-one orientation for the additional services provided by the SDC will be conducted for current PartsHub users, who will now be included into SDC’s robust and active reseller network, have access to SDC’s data experts for questions and guidance and participate in SDC’s Data Excellence Award program.

Additional transitions will be rolled out over the next 30-60 days as the SDC team gears up with training and data management for SDC’s current members.

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