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Join SEMA for Two New Exporting Best Practices Webinars

Linda Spencer


Join SEMA for two new Best Exporting Practices webinars. The first session, to be held September 24, at 1:00 p.m. (PDT), will focus on “Top Tips for Negotiating Agreements with Overseas Distributors,” featuring attorneys from Australia and Sweden who specialize in the local laws regarding distributors. They inclue: Patrick Fazzone of the Washington Global Law Group in Washington, D.C., and Sydney, Australia, and also Richard Jacobsson of Eversheds Sutherland Advokatbyrå AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

Discussion points include:

  • Should a U.S. company sign an exclusive distributor agreement? 
  • Is there anything U.S. companies should be aware of in Swedish/Australian law regarding such contracts? 
  • Are there any government regulations/laws covering terminating the agreement? 
  • General points to consider when awarding territory (the entire country/portion/neighboring countries?)
  • What is the capacity of the distributor in terms of staff/contacts in the desired region?
  • Is the agreement mutually exclusive? (if the U.S. company agrees to just sell to one distributor, is the distributor agreeing to not sell that U.S. company’s competitors products?)
  • What is required in order for the distributor to maintain exclusivity?  Possibly through performance measures, or just rely on good faith effort?
  • How often should the contract/terms be revisited?

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The next one-hour session, “U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Practicalities/Mechanics of Obtaining the Lowest Tariff Rate,” will be held October 1, at 10:00 a.m. (PDT). Speakers will include: Katrice Kelly, senior international trade specialist, Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis, Industry and Analysis/International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce; Lourdes M Quinn, attorney, Arias Quinn; and Philip Sutter, consultant, Livingston International.

Come away with answers to how to obtain the lowest possible tariff rate with answers to questions such as:

  • What are the differences in treatment under the USMCA for OEM parts and specialty aftermarket companies?
  • What are the differences between USMCA and NAFTA for specialty aftermarket companies?
  • What are the steps needed to figure out my tariff rates under USMCA?
  • Are there any special requirements/reduced tariff rates for sending small volume/value packages to Canada?
  • How do I document that my products meet the minimum content levels in order to claim preferential treatment?

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Come away from the two sessions with not only the latest information, but also with some new resources and contacts. For more information, contact Linda Spencer.