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Launch Pad: Last Chance to Vote for Your Favorite Automotive Product

By Ashley Reyes

Launch Pad
As the premier automotive competition for young entrepreneurs looking to launch their products or services into the $46.2 billion automotive aftermarket industry, your votes will help determine who will move on to compete for a grand prize designed to boost the status of their growing business.

Representing new, innovative products and services in the automotive specialty-equipment market, 15 future leaders are looking to secure your vote and advance to the next stage of the SEMA Launch Pad competition. As the premier automotive competition for young entrepreneurs looking to launch their products or services into the $46.2 billion automotive aftermarket industry, your votes will help determine who will move on to compete for a grand prize designed to boost the status of their growing business.

Each SEMA Launch Pad contestant has submitted a video presentation that provides an overview of their product or service. Interested in learning about a new product that can benefit your company or the specialty-equipment aftermarket as a whole? Meet each semifinalist, watch their video and cast your votes daily until September 11.  

*You may vote for multiple competitors but are only allowed one vote per competitor.

Timur Mukhtasibov, AK Software
Product: BodyShopFlow
BodyShopFlow allows users to automate a significant part of the working process and improve cycle time. Features include electronic paperwork, automated customer communication, parts pre-ordering based on customer provided photos, contactless in-shop communication, parts search on eBay, scheduling, KPI live and reports, VoIP integration, parts and shop management and payroll. Software integrates with Mitchell, CCC, Audatex and QuickBooks.

Khanjan Desai, Alchemy
Product: ExoShield
ExoShield is a thin, transparent film that stops rock chips by increasing the impact resistance of the windshield by six. The advanced safety features in most modern cars use sensors that sit behind the windshield which has driven up windshield replacement costs by three to five times, even for mid-level vehicles. ExoShield is powered by Alchemy’s proprietary nanocoatings, which allows it to be both impact and scratch resistant and prevents expensive windshield replacements for vehicle owners.

Matt Rafeld, Beachcomber Offroad
Product: Stowaway Door
The Stowaway Door is designed for Jeep owners to enjoy door-free days without worrying about rain, cold or a little mud on the seats. When not in use, the soft-door folds to fit under the rear seat or anywhere you could store a small tent.

Patrick Sweeney, Blackgate Customs Inc.
Product: KDSS Sway Bar Drop Spacer Kit
The KDSS Sway Bar Drop Spacer Kit corrects the rear geometry of a KDSS-equipped Toyota 4Runner for longer travel shocks that increases wheel travel, suspension usage and eliminates a harmful to possibly dangerous situation. Specifically underneath the truck where the sway bar and track bar impact each other before the suspension reaches full down travel.

Brett Turnage, Brett Turnage Industries
Product: Modular Intercooler
Replacing fixed welds, this system uses brackets and consists of components. Only the base brackets are welded to the core. Endtanks are bolted on and sealed with an O-ring or gasket. Patentable aspects are changeability, adaptability and reparability. Endtanks and the core can be changed, swapped out with larger or smaller units—an Intercooler with four outlets can become one with two or three, and it can be repaired by taking the unit apart and cleaning thoroughly.

Keith Ferry, Cerebrum Sensor Technologies
Product: Cerebrum
Cerebrum is the first tire sensor technology that functions as a replacement for traditional TPMS (utilizing RF), and connects to any smart device (using BLE) to communicate advanced tire analytics. Cerebrum provides real-time tire conditions, including pressure and temperature, as well as never-before-seen conditions like tread depth, alignment variation and tire load. All of the information and alerts are available through a smart device and can communicate directly with the cloud for telematics. This helps the driver and fleet managers better understand the overall health of the tires on their vehicles which leads to increased vehicle uptimes, optimized efficiency and improved safety.

Joshua Carton, Curien
Product: Neuron N2
The Neuron N2 Dual Channel Wireless Graphing Multimeter provides desktop oscilloscope-level resolution in the palm of your hand. This wireless graphing meter is built shop-tough and ready to fit into any situation, providing the right readings and the right measurements the first time. After wirelessly connecting to your Curien smart device, existing Android or Windows scan tool or iOS device, you can use your large mobile screen as a display for real-time readings, wave-form analysis, graphing, logging and use of power functions and testing.

Eric Rivera, Dirt Dynamix
Product: Truck Accessories
Established August 2019, Dirt Dynamix designed and brought to market its Universal Truck Bed Mount—a simple and cost-effective way to offer shade via umbrella and/or mount any flag pole in the bed of any truck. Work, race or play—utilize your truck bed in any truck manner and one could benefit from this mount.

Brendan McGrath, Dyme PSI
Product: AN Hose & Fittings
AN Hose & Fittings is a tool for end-users to accurately design and order high-performance hose assemblies for their automotive application in minutes, from anywhere in the world. The Rattlesnake toolkit allows you to prototype and test-fit your parts anywhere, upload your designs and receive a professionally crimped, fully tested assembly, shipped worldwide, same-day to wherever you are.

Roland Hence, FrontLane Inc.
Product: Impulse - Emergency Brake Light
The Impulse is a wireless, battery-powered emergency brake light that reduces rear-end collisions by pulsing eight ultra-bright LEDs under extreme braking situations to alert the following driver up to 50% quicker. Impulse can be installed on any passenger vehicle with a standard back windshield in seconds and has a four-year battery life.

Brock Winberg, GTe-413 Electric Crate Motor
Technical Director
Product: The GTe-413 Universal Plug
The GTe-413 Universal Plug and Play System is Electric GT's premium, high-power electric motor conversion system that redefines EV retrofitting. Featuring the latest in consumer EV technology, this 255hp, 405-lb.-ft. system will transform a wide variety of classic vehicles into EV hot rods. Performance will be roughly equivalent to an ICE engine with double the horsepower, and a range of 70–250 miles, depending on application and battery selection. The footprint is roughly that of a larger V8, with 25kWh Energy Modules, all controllers, chargers and accessories right under the hood.

Luke Farley, Lynx Auto Wraps & More
Product: Lynx Auto Wrap TRD aps
Lynx Auto Wraps & More is a service business that works with new-car dealers to utilize vehicle wrapping as a sales tool in the dealership. The company offers more than 300 colors that give dealers the ability to offer colors not available from OEMs. A key to the service is two- to three-day turnaround and a price point that allows the auto seller to make a great profit and have a solution for changing the color of inventory to suit a customer’s need.

Johannes Crepon, PDM Automotive
Product: Data Technology
PDM exists to create experiences where brands feel empowered to take charge of their own data, have access to all product information in real-time, and where service providers can add their own special contributions to the process. This is accomplished by engaging with like-minded organizations, listening and utilizing the latest technologies to create an intuitive platform for the flow of high-quality automotive product data between all trading partners. This product utilizes technology to leverage product data available with industry standards, such as SDC, Auto Care's ACES and PIES or virtually any unique data structure.

Mike Unger, PICINH
Product: Tasker Tailgate
The Tasker Tailgate replaces a truck’s traditional tailgate with one that quickly converts into two sturdy ramps more than 8 ft. long that are firmly mounted to the bed. The ramp’s position is fully adjustable to accommodate any loading need.

Justin Bradshaw, REVER
Product: Mobile App
REVER is a mobile app and website for powersports enthusiasts to discover, track and share routes. The company has thousands of recommended roads for sports cars and off-highway users as well as offline maps, turn-by-turn directions, friend tracker to view other people in your group in real-time, weather alerts and the first CarPlay compatible app of its kind for this specific audience.