Young Innovators Need Your Vote to Help Launch Their Products

By Ashley Reyes

Fifteen top young entrepreneurs are seeking votes to help launch their new products and innovations into the marketplace. All SEMA members are invited to participate and cast their votes, which have the potential to change the life of a young industry innovator. The semifinalists in the 2020 SEMA Launch Pad competition include a wide array of products and creations for the $46.2 billion automotive aftermarket industry. Vote for one of the following contestants:

  • Justin Bradshaw (REVER); Product: Mobile App
  • Joshua Carton (Curien); Product: Neuron N2
  • Johannes Crepon (PDM Automotive); Product: Data Technology
  • Roland Hence (FrontLane, Inc.); Product: Impulse–Emergency Brake Light
  • Khanjan Desai (Alchemy); Product: ExoShield
  • Luke Farley (Lynx Auto Wraps & More); Product: Lynx Auto Wraps TRD aps
  • Keith Ferry (Cerebrum Sensor Technologies); Product: Cerebrum
  • Brendan McGrath (Dyme PSI); Product: AN Hose & Fittings
  • Timur Mukhtasibov (AK Software); Product: BodyShopFlow
  • Matt Rafeld (Beachcomber Offroad, LLC); Product: Stowaway Door
  • Eric Rivera (Dirt Dynamix); Product: Truck Accessories
  • Patrick Sweeny (Blackgate Customs, Inc.); Product: KDSS Sway Bar Drop Spacer Kit
  • Brett Turnage (Brett Turnage Industries); Product: Modular Intercooler
  • Mike Unger (PICINH); Product: Tasker Tailgate
  • Brock Winberg (GTe-413 Electric Crate Motor); Product: GTe-413 Universal Plug

Individuals may cast their votes up until September 11. Five competitors will go on to compete for a grand prize designed to boost the status of his or her growing young business.

Interested in learning about a new product that could benefit your company or the specialty-equipment aftermarket as a whole? Meet this year’s semifinalists, learn about his or her new product or service and vote today.