How Independent Retailers Are Gaining Online Visibility on Par With Big Brands

By Ashley Reyes

Independent retail stores gain online visibility on par with the big brands with the help of Tirescanner. In a recently released video from the 2019 SEMA Show Stage, Tirescanner’s President and CEO Michael Welch shares how his company is utilizing eCommerce to help independent retailers acquire more traffic, enhance their online user experience, and increase sales.  

“We’re very engaged with manufacturers. They love the fact that we can engage retailers and showcase their product because they want to support that, because that means they can replenish more product into store,” said Welch. “So, I think we’ve got a role to play to facilitate a much more even spread of eCommerce across retailers. At the moment, it’s all going into the hands of the big guys who are affording to pay silly amounts of money for the market, and our job is to make it affordable, de-risk it and bring it back to the independent online.”

Additional topics include Welch’s insight on the key to the best eCommerce, the difference between eCommerce in the United States and Europe, and his experience building and selling his first business from scratch.

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