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New Products From Frostbite, Granatelli Motorsports and More

By Fredy Ramirez

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Granatelli Motorsports
Drive By Wire Throttle Body

Granatelli Motorsports introduces its 112MM Drive-By-Wire LS Series CNC Throttle Body machined from 6061 billet aluminum. The throttle body is engineered to increase airflow on all drive-by-wire LSX performance applications, both naturally aspirated and forced induction. It is designed to handle upwards of 25 lbs. of boost in a draw through or blow through configuration. The electric motor is constructed to prevent the throttle blade from being forced closed under high boosted applications. The throttle bodies come complete with stepper motors and the electronics installed.

PN Vary

Hooker BlackHeart
Mustang Coyote Swap Engine Adapters

Hooker BlackHeart releases its engine mount brackets for ‘84–‘95 Mustangs. The adapters are designed to allow a coyote engine to be installed on the stock K-member.

The steel fabrication and powder-coated black finish are engineered for corrosion resistance.

PN 71221025HKR

Hooker BlackHeart
Mustang Coyote Swap Cross Member

Hooker BlackHeart introduces its engine swap transmission crossmember is for ‘79–‘04 Mustangs with a Coyote engine. It is built from steel with a black powdercoat finish designed for corrosion resistance.

PN Vary

Vehicle Control Unit

AEM EV releases its VCU300 Vehicle Control Unit. The unit is used in Ford Racing’s CobraJet1400 EV drag concept and in the Huff Motorsports EV Dragster. It is built on OEM hardware and features OEM quality strategies designed to provide reliability and safety for both the programmer and end-user. The control unit is engineered to manage four inverter/motor systems, communicate with up to three independent CAN bus networks and be used on direct-drive and indirect-drive EV setups.

PN 30-8100

Gen V Lt4/Lt5 Mid-Mount Accessory Drive

Holley announces the launch of its complete accessory drive system for LT4 and LT5 applications. The supercharger drive maintains the original belt path and utilizes the OE tensioner.

Included in each kit is a throttle body adapter that corrects angle/positioning as well as all required hardware for installation. Versions are available for both wet and dry sump applications in black or natural (cast) finishes.

PN 20-221BK

Rebuildable HD Balljoints

Dynatrac introduces its Rebuildable HD BallJoints™ extending to applications to the 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL and 2019+ Jeep Gladiator JT.

The ball joints are manufactured to be strong, durable, and high quality. It is engineered to provide better steering and improve driving control. The ball joints feature a heat-treated, ground stainless steel ball in a heat-treated, high-strength billet body.

PN JP44-2X3050-E

Old World Industries

Old World Industries announces the launch of BlueDEF PLATINUM diesel exhaust fluid. The fluid is a mixture of synthetic urea, deionized water and a proprietary formulation that is engineered to reduce harmful deposits that commonly build up in modern diesel exhaust systems with SCR. With regular use, the fluid is designed to provide optimum fuel economy and sustain the life of the system. BlueDEF PLATINUM™ is manufactured under ISO 22241 guidelines and is API registered, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications for diesel exhaust fluids.

PN Vary

Coyote Swap Oil Pan

Holley announces the release of its Coyote swap oil pan. The low-profile front pan geometry is engineered to permit Coyote engine installation on stock ‘84—‘04 Mustang K-members. Made from zinc-plated steel, it is constructed for longevity and corrosion resistance. This pan includes a proprietary pick-up tube and lower sump baffle plate. The oil pan design maintains the oil capacity of a stock Mustang Coyote oil pan manufactured to ensure adequate supply in all street performance and factory-stock type racing applications.

NOTE: 1984-1995 K-members require the use of Hooker Blackheart engine mounting brackets. Works with aftermarket AJE, Maximum Motorsports and Team Z K-members for 1979-2004 Mustangs.

PN 302-50

Pro Stick Automatic Console Shifter

Holley introduces its Stealth Magnum Grip™ Pro-Stick™ Off-Road shifter for ‘12–‘18 Jeep Wrangler JK models with automatic transmissions. The billet aluminum magnum grip handle has an ergonomic fit featuring a MIL-spec black finish and replaceable side grip plates. The integrated side buttons allow you to manually shift up or down when in drive. This shifter includes a Super Duty shift cable, all brackets, levers and instructions.

Note: This shifter can also be used on various engine/transmission transplants by purchasing optional shift levers and brackets.

PN 81162

Aluminum Radiators

Frostbite launches its aluminum radiators for ‘88–‘11 Chevy/GMC trucks, ‘10–‘11 Camaro, ‘88–‘02 Toyota trucks and 4Runner, Dodge/Plymouth A/B/E Bodies, ‘70–‘79 Dodge Trucks, and ‘07–‘11 Jeep Wranglers. The radiators feature 16 fins per inch engineered for a more efficient heat transfer/cooling.

They are crafted from an aircraft quality aluminum core designed for a weight savings of up to 30% and are finished off with TIG welded seams for durability.

PN Vary