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SEMA Survey: Industry Outlook and Sales Projections Continue to Improve

By Kyle Cheng

Since the beginning of April, SEMA Market Research has been tracking how businesses within the specialty-equipment industry have navigated through the disruption over the past few months. Overall, our industry continues to return to more normal operations and is increasingly more optimistic about their sales for the rest of 2020.

In a recent survey conducted July 24–30, approximately 95% of all companies said they were mostly business as usual or only impacted in the short-term. Nearly half (45%) stated that they were business as usual, compared to only 17% back in April. The number of companies reporting more severe disruptions have continued to decrease over the past few months as well.

Market Research

Companies are growing equally optimistic about their sales. Today, nearly half of all companies expect higher or at least the same amount of sales as last year. That is a significant jump from April when only 20% of companies said that. Overall, most companies expect to finish the year better, at least the same, or with only a slight decline in sales compared to 2019.

Market Research

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