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New Products From LGE-CTS, Mishimoto, Vintage Air and More

By Fredy Ramirez

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Cams Pro-Flo 4 Swap Kit with Pro-Flo 4 XT System

The kit features Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 4 XT EFI system for Gen-III and Gen-IV LS engines. It has a fully assembled, long runner-style XT aluminum manifold with 29 lb.-hr. injectors, fuel rails, and a 92mm throttle body. The Pro-Flo 4 self-learning ECU can be fine-tuned with the hand-held tablet and Edelbrock’s E-Tuner 4 software. Choose a kit with the crank sensor harness you need—24x for a Gen-III or 58x for a Gen-IV engine. If you run boost, you’ll need Edelbrock’s two-bar MAP sensor. The kit also includes the following:

COMP Thumpr Camshaft Package: The kit is designed to add around 60 hp and features a Thumpr Stage 1 roller cam rated at 222/233-degree duration at .050 in. and .541/.536-in. lift with a 1,600-6,400-rpm operating range. It also has a matched set of 1.282-in.-diameter valve springs with seals, locks, and retainers, plus a pair of pushrods. Cam packages for Gen-III engines also have roller lifters and a timing set.

COMP Cam Installation Kit: The kit has the bits and pieces needed to finish a cam swap—cam and crank bolts, cam locking plate, and gaskets for valve covers, front cover, EGR and water pump.

COMP Trunnion Upgrade Kit: The kit is engineered to convert stock LS rocker arms from needle bearing to captured roller trunnions for stable valve timing across the engine’s entire rpm range. It comes with the trunnions, bearings and retaining rings needed for installation.

Edelbrock EFI Fuel Sump System: Designed for use with your vehicle’s existing carbureted fuel system, this self-contained system has a 255 liter-per-hour electric pump in a fuel-filled sump and an internal fuel pressure regulator that boosts fuel pressure to feed the Pro-Flo 4 EFI system. It fits under your hood and does not require a return line to the tank.

Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra Spark 50 Ignition Wires: The wires feature a ferro-magnetic Kevlar spiral-wound core and a low 50-ohm resistance level constructed for maximum spark delivery and RFI suppression to protect your computer and other electronics.


Baja Forged Kits Ford Raptor

LGE-CTS announces the introduction of its Baja Forged kits for the ’10–’14 Ford Raptor. Featured in the line for the Ranger are a front bumper kit, a rear bumper kit, a bed cage, GPS mount, upper shock mount and lower shock mount.

The kits are engineered to give a PreRunner look and to be durable. They are also designed to follow the contour lines of the Ranger.

PN: Vary


Automatic Radiator

Mishimoto has released its Automatic Radiator for the ’06–’13 BMW 335i/135i. The radiator is designed to increase core thickness by 25% and coolant capacity by 35%. It features a full aluminum construction including TIG-welded end tanks and a fully brazed two-row aluminum core engineered for durability.

The radiator includes a Magnetic Drain Plug manufactured to capture any metallic debris/fragments in your cooling system.



Base Manifold And Dual Injector Rails Kit

Holley announces the launch of its base manifold and dual injector rails kit. The lower manifold is designed for dual injectors per cylinder and forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) engine applications.

The base intake manifold is engineered with a low height to aid the packaging of a plenum-mounted air-to-water intercooler in a top-feed configuration. The fuel rail kits come with two sets of brackets for long (usually standard length, EV1) fuel injectors and short (such as Pico or LS7) fuel injectors.

PN: 300-601BK


Delta Force Performance Intake

Flowmaster introduces its Delta Force Performance intake systems for the ’18–’20 Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L. The systems are designed to deliver power gains with a custom look that requires no special tuning. The Delta Force system contains a custom-molded high-flow intake tube, reinforced silicone couplers and all stainless-steel hardware.

Other features include a conical eight-layer cotton gauze air filter, a custom-fit air dam with attachment brackets. Tests delivered performance gains of up to 12 hp and 14 lb.-ft.

Note: Not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

PN: 615185

Vintage Air
Control Panel

Vintage Air announces the release of its bolt-in replacement control panel for ’66–’67 Chevrolet Nova. The control panels are designed to replace the factory controls and operate Vintage Air Gen IV systems. The control panel is engineered to upgrade the functionality of their climate control system and improve the look of the dash.

It features LED backlighting, an A/C mode indicator and variable slide adjustments for fan speed, temperature and air delivery. The panel mounts in the OEM dash and includes new mounting hardware and a wiring harness.

PN: 473271


Wilwood Disc Brakes
Camber Drive Flange

Wilwood Disc Brakes announces its Camber Drive Flange for Wide 5 racing hubs and straight 24-spline axles. The flange is designed to give up to two degrees of misalignment.

The flange is engineered to provide racers a performance advantage. The brakes feature a steel construction using heat-treated components manufactured for additional strength and a plated finish and features a polished internal ball spline constructed to reduce friction.

PN: 270-16183


Gen-II Stealth Fuel Tanks

Aeromotive announces the release of its Gen-II Stealth fuel tanks for General Motors C/K trucks from model years ’88–’98. The Gen-II Stealth fuel tank is designed to deliver the proper amount of fuel for high-performance street, off-road and racing applications.

The tank is engineered to run a quiet, high-flow pump that sits inside the OEM tank baffle to ensure consistent fuel delivery. For installation, -06 AN fuel outlet and return lines need to be plumbed in lieu of OEM fuel lines as well as upgraded wiring to power the larger fuel pump.

PN: 18474

Fuel Pump

Aeromotive announces the release of its direct drop-in fuel pump for General Motors C/K trucks from model years ’88–’98. The 200-LPH fuel pumps are engineered to be capable of supporting naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 600 hp and forced-induction gasoline applications up to 450 hp. The 200-LPH fuel pump is not compatible with E-85 ethanol applications.

For those trying to maximize horsepower output, the 340-LPH fuel pump option is manufactured to be capable of supporting naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 850 hp, naturally aspirated E-85 ethanol applications up to 595 hp, forced-induction gasoline applications up to 700 hp and forced-induction E-85 ethanol applications up to 490 hp.

PN: 18378

MAHLE Motorsport
PowerPak Piston Kits

MAHLE Motorsport introduces the launch of its PowerPak Piston Kits for 3.0L S55 or N55 BMW engines. The kit is engineered for high horsepower applications—vehicles with nitrous or power adders that greatly increase boost pressures. Each piston is dual coated with a dry lubricant Phosphate coating, a GRAFAL skirt coating and is made from 2618 aluminum alloy designed to reduce drag and wear by providing additional cushioning to absorb hard contact between the piston skirt and cylinder bore.

Available in factory compression ratios of 10.2:1 or 11:1 for the N55, the piston features larger valve pockets to accommodate up to +1.0mm-larger valve diameters and has a 1mm-deeper valve pocket for performance camshafts. A 1.0, 1.2, 2.8mm oil ring set is included in addition to heavy-duty steel pins and Circlips.

PN: Vary

100 GPH Electric Inline Fuel Pump

Holley has released its 100-GPH fuel pump for naturally aspirated and forced-induction EFI vehicles. It utilizes a -10 AN female inlet and -6 AN female outlet for installation on new applications and/or replacement of existing fuel pumps. The pump is designed to support up to 900 EFI or 1,050 carbureted hp and be compatible with gasoline, E85, or diesel. A male -6 to -8 AN fitting with integral high-pressure check valve is included.

Note: Fuel pump is rated for use with ethanol-blended fuels, (E85/E90) and all types of gasoline, but pump life will be diminished if used with 100% ethanol fuels.

PN: 12-170

XDR Off-Road Magnum Grip Gated Shifter

Flowmaster introduces its XDR Off-Road Magnum Grip “Hill-Killer” gated performance shifter for ’18–’20 Can-Am Sport and Trail 800, 1000 side by side models. The Magnum Grip shift handle features CNC billet aluminum construction, replaceable polycarbonate side grip plates and an ergonomic design.

The gate plate is designed to be used as a safety device when attempting steep inclines by eliminating the reverse lockout. The shifter features 10-gauge 304SS constructed for durability and long life. Included are all necessary hardware and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

PN: 81181