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Plans for 2020 SEMA Show Move Forward

By Della Domingo

Plans for the 2020 SEMA Show in Las Vegas continue for November 3–6, and organizers continue to monitor the landscape and work closely with state/city officials and health experts to provide the industry with the best possible event to help their businesses.

With health and safety a top priority, the SEMA Show will include several preventive measures that will minimize risks for all those at the event, including required use of face coverings, addition of hand sanitizing stations, increased cleaning, one-way aisles and more. Recognizing that the event may be impacted by travel restrictions and regulations in Las Vegas, organizers are reviewing potential adjustments to the Show.

An industry survey will be going out within the week to gather industry feedback regarding the Show. All individuals are encouraged to respond to the survey and share their input. The information will help the SEMA staff and board shape future decisions about the Show.

More information about the 2020 SEMA Show is available at