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New Products From Design Engineering Inc., Avery Dennison, BMR and More

By Fredy Ramirez

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Avery Dennison
Supreme Wrapping Film Colors and Textures

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions announces the introduction of its Spring 2020 Rugged and Luxurious color collection. The Rugged and Luxurious Collection features a combination of light and dark, gloss and textured films designed to transform visions of grit and grandeur into a rich visual experience for breakthrough custom creations. Rugged Supreme Wrapping Film is a 3D conformable, textured color change film engineered to give vehicles the look and feel of a bedliner without the permanent application. The Rugged collection includes four colors: Rugged Onyx, Rugged Combat Green, Rugged Bedrock Grey and Rugged Marsh Green, and the Luxurious Supreme Wrapping Film is comprised of Obsidian Black and Satin Dark Grey.

PN: Vary

Fuel Pump

Aeromotive has partnered with Dirt Launch Powersports to introduce a direct drop-in fuel pump module for ’16–’20 Yamaha YXZ1000R side-by-sides. The Phantom Series fuel pump module is manufactured to be compatible with the factory plastic fuel tank and comes preassembled with an Aeromotive 200 liters-per-hour fuel pump. The module is constructed to be compatible with gas and support up to 450 hp. All horsepower numbers are based on EFI forced-induction gas applications. Each configuration is offered as a complete kit, including the pump assembly, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and required fittings.

PN: Vary

Sway Bar

BMR announces the availability of its adjustable sway bar kit for the ’08+ Dodge Challenger. The kit is engineered to improve handling, reduce body roll, and increase cornering stability. Fabricated from 38mm (front) and 25mm (rear) DOM steel tubing, the BMR sway bars are cold formed to better resist torsional fatigue. The sway bar is constructed to give a 30% to 84% increase (front) and 288% increase (rear) in sway-bar rate over the stock bars. These sway bars mount to the car with 95-durometer polyurethane bushings. The kit is designed for street performance, autocross, and road race applications.

PN: SB113

Design Engineering Inc.
Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover

Design Engineering Inc. introduces its Sprint Car Thermal Engine cover. The cover is designed to allow racers to avoid cold engine damage by keeping their sprint car engines up to racing temperatures. The cover features a triple-layer construction and can be used on hot or even running engines. The thermal cover’s design includes drop-down-side wings that can be folded up and snapped into place and can rest directly on hot exhaust pipes. The heavy-duty, triple-layer construction incorporates a durable, PVC-coated polyester black outer layer manufactured for durability.

PN: Vary

Edelbrock/COMP Cams
Pro-Flo 4 Swap Kit with Pro-Flo 4 Throttle Body EFI

The kit features Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 4 throttle body EFI. The self-learning system features a 1,000cfm throttle body with four 29 lb.-hr. fuel injectors mounted on an aluminum intake manifold. You also get an ECU and a touch-screen tablet with Edelbrock E-Tuner software for fine-tuning. The kit also includes the following:

COMP Thumpr Camshaft Package: The kit is designed to add around 60 hp and features a Thumpr Stage 1 roller cam rated at 222/233 degrees duration at .050 in. and .541/.536-in. lift with a 1,600-6,400 rpm operating range. It also has a matched set of 1.282-in.-diameter valve springs with seals, locks, and retainers, plus a pair of pushrods. Cam packages for Gen III engines also have roller lifters and a timing set.

COMP Cam Installation Kit: The kit has the bits and pieces needed to finish a cam swap—cam and crank bolts, cam locking plate and gaskets for valve covers, front cover, EGR and water pump.

Hooker BlackHeart
LS Swap Exhaust System

Hooker BlackHeart introduces its stainless dual exhaust lineup for both ’73–’74 GM K5 and ‘75–’82 K5. These new exhaust systems are available in either 304SS or 409SS and are designed to provide maximum clearance for lowered vehicles.

Note: Designed for use with Hooker Blackheart LS Swap System. Only for 2WD applications.

PN: Vary

Hooker Blackheart
Cat-Back Exhaust System

Hooker BlackHeart's announces the availability of its cat-back exhaust system for the ’19–’20 RAM 1500 with 5.7L V8 engines. The system is designed to deliver a deep, sporty tone and produce an extra 14 hp. The exhaust system is constructed from 409SS engineered to reduce weight and improve corrosion resistance. The high-flow straight-through muffler is constructed to provide a deep, sporty tone and produce up to a 14 hp and 21 lb.-ft. The system is manufactured to reduce weight by nearly 23% when compared with OE exhaust.

PN: BH2459